Server Update 29.12.2023


  • Mirage 2000 (all versions), Mirage 4000 (all versions), F-16 (all versions), AV-8B plus (Italy), F-15A, Saab Ja37 (all versions), Saab JAS39 (all versions), MiG-29 (all versions), Yak-141, J8-F, JH-7A - notch filters are back for radars in pulse-doppler acquisition modes. Acquisition of chaff is now no longer possible. Notch filters will not work in tracking mode, so if the target is performing 3-9 maneuver lock transfer to chaff is possible.

Target acquisition from pulse-doppler velocity search mode - SRC PDV HDN was fixed

  • Flight time for the AIM-7F/M, R530F/D, Sky flash Temp and PF10 missiles has been increased after losing their target, so they will now have more time to re-acquire the target before they self-destruct.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


So F-4S?

I don’t see F-15J there. Is it included with the F-15A?

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and for those who have no clue what all this means

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yeah Idk what that is like what is a 3-9 maneuver?

all those listed planes now have better radar locks and don’t loose that lock as often.
the better radars have an easier time ignoring chaff but if the target flies straight from left to right or right to left (3 o clock - 9 o clock ) AND release chaff there is still some risk of the radar locking the chaff.



Su27 and J11 are not included although they have radar similar to mig29s, does that means their radar will still lock on to chaffs after this update?

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I don’t see anything about the F-14, does it already have a notch filter?

No because F-14s don’t have all aspect PD radars.

Does it apply only horizontal 3-9 or is it in any direction as on as it’s perpendicular to the locking plane?

The F-14D does, but not the A and B.

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I can’t wait :D

Not so sure of that tbh.

The soon tm is Fox-3’s all over the place.

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This seems like a really good change to ensure US and French SARHs are playable at their BRs, very nice.

Ok, this is nice…but only for those missiles that are launch that actually track. Fewer than 75% of the 7M’s that are fired are tracking at all. Most fly off dumb/ballistic and do not track.

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Please tell us why you don’t repair the N001 radar of su27/J11. You really don’t know that you have made a rubbish radar.

Hello Gaijin,

I love the work your doing please keep it up I love the changes. Have a great day, and thank you Gaijin.

Found sources and bug repport it instead?
Radar of Su-27/J-11 might be correct as we’re talking of earliest model variant,… from what i’ve seen.