Server Update 25.01.2024

  • The planned Battle Rating changes have been implemented.
  • The maximum luminosity and burning time of BOL flares have been reduced in accordance with the mass of pyrotechnic compound. The number of BOL countermeasures in one salvo has been doubled to maintain sufficient effectiveness (released in one of the previous updates).

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Well there goes chance of F-15 going to 12.7



Can anyone confirm the Sim EC brackets have been adjusted already as well, and on which rotation we are right now?

Need to update my calendar… = )

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No option to create 12.7 match in Sim?

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Yeahhh and 2S6 still at 10.7 with 32 G Missile but Type 81 (C) on 11.0


Hmmm, maybe those 9.7-10.7 matches are still ones which are ongoing from before the change.

IIRC this happened the last time as well…

Yeah I think this is what’s happening rn

I can’t create any new 9.7-10.7

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We’re on the rotation in red circle, ends in 19hr

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So like this i assume:

yeah that’s right

TLDR. Totally fake and unreaslitic nerf directed only at nations that use BOL.

Its not our fault not all nations adopted BOL.


I am sorry, but why the hell did you not add M774 to M60A3 TTS (China)??

You clearly looked at the vehicle since you reshuffled the ammo, but you didn’t fix the obvious, glaring discrepancy compared to M60A3 TTS (US)??? It’s the most glaring, undeniable example of bad balancing (they are LITERALLY the same vehicle) in this game.

Quick question: what blue colour means?


That’s the revised changes after the player feedback.


my favorite tank in 8.0 when it only have 200mm of pen.
I guess goodbye War thunder see you later (When you will fix the matchmaking)

The Type 81 is way better than the 2s6

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Idk what is definition better from your side but With Search radar, Autocannon and shooting Heli without Need a Lock using IR/ Optical Contrast(Which you can’t shoot if there Something in the Background, yea i know this the downside of Optical contrast)
and 2S6 are 0.3 lower than Type 81(C)

The 2s6 is good for shooting helis i agree. But the Type81C is the best AA in the game for shooting jets. Your stats even reflect that, you have a 1.0 air K/d with the 2s6 and almost a 2 K/D with the Type 81…

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Yikes. I can’t believe they actually left the F-15s at 12.3.


I mean: it is discussable since they also left the M2kCS5 at it’s current one.

It is kinda convincing to me too. (And i don’t own any F-15)

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