Server Update 18.10.2023

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Why the M26A1 has not received an increase of Muzzle Velocity for M82?

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It already had the increased muzzle velocity M82.

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If the M26s are supposed to be the equivalents to the Panthers, why are they so high compared to the Panthers? I’m all for giving the improved M82 shell, but I don’t think the move up was a good choice for the usefulness of the tanks.

they do if given a example of why they did what they did should not have happen

M26 have chance to deflect panther shot. So it was nerfed. No other ideas.

This is just like the Tiger II (P), lmao. Why even bother using the Tiger II (P) when the Tiger II (H) is right there and better in every way. Why bother using the M26 when the T26E5, T26E1-1 and M26E1 are all right there at the same BR.

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Jumbo on 5.7 who ever will use it when armor doesn’t work on this BR but M4A3 have better gun and mobility?


shame the Mi-28A went up. it now has no propper lineup. exept if you allready wanna bring it to top tier. wich isnt particularly fun.

and if you bring it in the 10.3 lineup you will only get constant uptiers. please revert its BR change in RB

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The IS-2 1944 had the BR-471D, they took it away because that bullet was not used by the IS-2 1944, and now they give it a botched Br and they give it again that same bullet that they took away.


This a shame to increase its BR without buffing the firepower.

I don’t agree with the M26 and M26A1 being increased in br. They were already pretty mediocre at 6.3. and at 6.7 there’s 0 reason to even use it with the jumbo pershing and super pershing existing at the same br.


thank you, never noted since basically I use the sabot only with that tank

Amazing that you put the Wyvern up to 4.3!!
Great job, a hell of players in BR 3.0 aircraft will benefit from that.


Тигры засунули на 6.0 с пантерами
Ничего не могущий джамбо на 5.7 с его окурком
Ис6 на 7.7
Тигры 2 даже убили, в частности порша, что ему делать на 6.7 с его щеками?
Пантера 2? Она и без того страдала на 6.7 из-за картонности своей, теперь ей вообще не жить в принципе на 7.0
Брависимо разрабы

Ты спутал язык

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Lolpen everyone before they aim.

Introducing these changes is a demonstration of how the developers don’t give a shit about the opinions of the players and continue to do what they want, nothing has changed.


We need another review bombing


Good changes all around; These BR changes have been pro-player this entire year.
Fixes to M82 is nice.
Reload changes.
Movement of too powerful light tanks.

What’s hilarious is JA-37D being 11.3, which officially makes it the best 11.3 in the game.