Server Update 18.10.2023


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Well at least Obj279 and the wheeled monsters went up a little bit? Still overall these are the worst, most pointless BR changes this year


Sadly Chaffee is still 3.7 & not 4.0 like AMX-13 FL11.
Yes, M41 shouldn’t have been 6.0 IMO.
Light tanks in general have been under-BR’d in this game since the beginning.

M18 was the first of the notable examples.
M41 is likely fine at 6.3 now. It can’t face as many 1942 vehicles anymore.

M26 on 6.7 yeah, you have T34, super pershing and T26E5 on the same br…
Well uninstall.

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M24 have worse HP/tonne ratio.

I have a question for the creators, why the hell did you raise the BR of the Piajzdów post war, of course to prevent the WW2 vehicles from meeting the post war vehicles, and then not only did these changes make many vehicles sleep in the eras, but after a few months you raised their BR without restoring it. strych er, this is so spitting in our faces that it’s a shame to play this game.


Post-war vehicles start at 8.0 for the most part.
6.7 can’t face 8.0, and many 6.3s were stuck where they were because 8.0s were 7.7.

Randomly deciding to move Pkvk iv down that was recently added but not pkvk iii sums up idiocy of these changes. Iv having apds and closed turret helped it 0.3 higher than iii. Having both same br is ptetty stupid. Also yer-2 m105 tat should ve also went down since its identical to yer-2 m105 and that could ve been avoided by actually reading the feedback.


The BR changes are not good at all. Why put tanks up a BR when they are balanced? Like the IS 2, Jumbo or the Panther 2 and other vehicles .

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IS-2 was overperforming.
I can’t speak for Panther 2 as I haven’t played it since T-54s went to 8.0, I however can speak for pre-decompression Panther 2, as that was powerful before the decompression, and it has a reload buff to go along with its BR change.

Overall I’m satisfied with the WW2 vehicle BR changes, namely since the only ones that touch 7.0 are a cold war HEATFS slinger, 2 reload buffed German tanks, and a cold war Soviet TD that apparently is doing well.

6.7 & less are safe from the cold war MBTs.

Hmmm… at first, I opposed Tiger E and Panthers going to 6.0 because that would have made them face IS-3s.

Now I can see IS-3 was raised too, so, even at 6.0, the German cats won’t face IS-3!

Which, well… solves the Tiger/Panther vs IS-3 issue, but created a new one by making IS-3 face 8.3s now.

I also disagree with T1E1 going to 5.3. It’s just M6A1 with slightly worse armor and better reverse speed, and, by raising its BR to 5.3, the American 5.0 lineup has been destroyed.

I think we need a more radical decompression step; so far, we’ve been decompressing some BRs… by compressing others as a consequence! Given how air BR is 12.3 (soon to be 12.7 likely) and Ground’s is 11.7, I think Ground’s max BR should be increased to at least 12.3 aswell, so that we may decompress all the BRs that need it without compressing back any other BR as a consequence of it.


Pershing. 6.3 setup is destroyed

More nonsensical changes. Tiger IIs already perform extremely well for their BR but you’re gonna give them a reload rate buff? How about you fix the fact you buffed all the 105mm Brit guns and then forgot to correct all the 120mm so they actually end up penning less…
Almost every single German uptier somehow buffs the tank as an apology at the same time, meanwhile you continue to uptier every single AA on Britain with no answers for the huge gaps in its AA coverage.

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Да срать, на инглише слова в переводе на Ru коверкаются жестко

There’s a legitimate irony that you are downtiering the mig-21 SPS-K but you still leave the unusable Harrier GR1 at 9.7 where it can’t counter anybody and no longer has any use.

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The only Tiger II getting a reload buff is Tiger II 105… which has gone up to 7.0 and will face 8.0 from now on, also up-BRing the other Tiger IIs if you want it on your lineup.

Right, so it faces 7.7 heavies which artificially get huge 20-30 second reload times, which it can confidently and reliably pen. Once again it comes down to “everyone but Germany needs a perfect 1-shot-KO, or Germany just outclasses you with 4 shots before you fire back”

Gaijin play your game? With this questionable update, the French find themselves (once again) in a very bad position in 7.3. Because of your marvellous misunderstanding, the French find themselves with only 3 vehicles in 7.3: 1 light tank and 2 tank fighters, of which 1 is of questionable performance. You’re incompetent.


More like, “blah blah blah, no matter what we do, someone is going to complain.”

6.3 was objectively worse than 6.7 America anyway.

Love the strength of France 7.7, absolutely beautiful.

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