Server Selection

Anyone else not seeing the RU server in their selection menu??

I got a server called CIS now wtf that means

I think that is the RU server group . . but I don’t even have that

Ok, after fiddling around a bit I finally did a game file check during a restart and now I have this, which seems to be the proper server selection listings, only change I can see now is that the RU server group is listed as CIS now. So I would suggest anyone having this or similar issues , restart your game and do a game file check and hopefully that will take care of it for you as well. Nothing β€œsinister” just a Update Day #1 glitchy bug thing . . … lol . . . yay

The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)[a] is a regional intergovernmental organization in Eurasia. It was formed following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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