Server Selection Limited 2023

Why did they make it that you can no longer queue what you want 100%


Now when I play naval I have to pick either US or Auto (SA), i can’t do both… this is bad for naval.

it came with Kings of battle update, and if you report this the gaijin QA team just copy-pasta “this is not a bug”
autoselect picking server based on ping is all fine and dendy, that’s what it supposed to do, the real question is why SA is no longer selectable on its own, and why we cannot pick both SA and NA, but somehow we can pick both NA and EU? Gaijin product designers seriously need to reconsider this as it makes absolutely no sense


Yeah I dislike this change too.

Choosing a server based solely on ping seems silly. Player count should factor in. Why send me only to a server area with 1/10th (for example) of the players of another server area I can play in?

I used to have SA (160-200ping) and NA (280-320ping) selected, but now just have to manually choose NA most of the time as the SA one is terrible for getting matches (at the times I play). Queue times (for Air RB, what I mainly play) have definitely blown out, or at least, the longer queue times (5+ minutes) are much more common than before.

On rare occasions I’ve seen the Auto actually have SA and NA chosen. Does this mean my SA ping has gone as bad as my NA one…?
And, as many have mentioned, why not leave either them all manually selectable, or just the Auto option? Seems like the sensible thing?

The world wonders.

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It is a stupid stupid change. They claimed “It will always choose the lowest ping possible first” last I checked I have a lower ping to SA 100% of the time (being in Australia) but I can never select it and am forced instead to try play on NA or EU with 300-340 ping. This change NEEDS to be reverted but knowing them it wont be. I dont understand why they wont allow it. I know indie games that allow Aus and Asia servers and yet a game as big as this and forced to NA/EU… its baffling.



It’s a complete downgrade, with no upside. Why did they do this I have no idea…

What’s the relevancy comrade

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so people all over the world using bots to afk is reason enough to remove server selection for Australians? grats on the pointless comment