Server Attack and Compensation on January 2nd

Dear players, on January 2nd at 11:30 UTC, our authentication servers were targeted by malicious attackers. As a result, some of you experienced difficulties logging into the game or using our services. Our technical specialists have stabilized server operations and are taking measures to ensure that such attacks in the future will not be successful.


  • Active premium accounts have been extended by 3 hours.
  • The duration of the ongoing "Winter Extreme" event for earning "Achievement Marks" has been extended by 3 hours. From 11:00 UTC on January 3rd until 14:30 UTC on January 3rd, you will be able to earn mission points for the 7th and 8th achievement marks for tankers/pilots/sailors simultaneously.

Damn those malicious attackers! Why can’t attackers be friendly?


Daily task progress got wiped :(


Skins, decals and vehicles in the inventory not showing up.

This is not fixed.

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Battle Pass progression is also affected… again

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Also, this is more than 3 hours of down time, so compensation needs to be revised.
Clicking on the battle pass still shows server unavailable.


Guess someone got butthurt of the glorious ban of cheaters…

Oh well, still can’t start the game :/


Great, except it still doesn’t work. And if you quit battle that you can’t spawn in, you get crewlocked :)

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WT Mobile inventory is back now, but not the PC version.

“Friendly” attackers do exist. You can even order their services, they look for weakpoints in your system.

Gaijin clearly never used their services.


I can log in and play but several other things are unavailable still. This is not 100% fixed yet.


Should one be worried that our personal details are getting flushed out on the DW?

still down, and considering i activated a booster before it went to shit, i want a new 150% booster as compensation.

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No, this is a ddos attack, not a security breach. Your personal details aren’t in danger.


it is a bit concerning that it is the authentication servers and not the gameplay host servers. and they have not said DDOS have they?

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is that why it took so long for me to get my snowman and carrot after i brought them and why they took 5 mins to open?

We have servers problems again.

No, it is not concerning. This is usual. Earlier there was also a ddos attack, gaijin compensated it and that was it.

someone really wanted this game to be down so they targeted authentication servers, as a devops myself I know how big pain in the a** are attacks like these :/