Seriously what is going on with Naval?

Considering there is an event going on, you would think getting into matches would be easier than normal but the queue times lately are getting beyond a joke. Anywhere between 3 to 10 minutes for a match and certainly some BRs you get nothing at all.

Have people just given up playing Naval or got tired of the 45k requirement which since the recent patch seems to have made gaining any kind of points literally much harder. What is going on?

Oh and for the love of god Gaijin, please fix the zero percent health bug its infuriating!

Yeah, I haven’t bother with navel since the “update”. Most of the whales and what not have probably got their carrot in this cycle so naval has returned its normal baseline.
Its funny how Gaijin always finds ways to break their game in new ways.

Haven’t had anything like 3 minutes for a queue time in AB - even in unpopular BR’s like 3.0

Am playing AB 3.0, 3.3, 5.0, 5.7, 6.3, 7.0 and 7.3 depending on which vessels are damaged - across all the nations

Pffft giving up, wait 5 minutes again to get into a match and within a minute I get one shot by a make believe Russian ship.


Especially the hate against Japan ships is CRAZY!
I am not even sure, if i ever had seen a russian ship burning, its almoast impossibl.

While my japanese ships are getting ablaze literally with every second 150mm salvo.

Events are some of the worst times to play naval. People spam the best ships and you get drug up into their games.

The compression really kills the mode during these events.

I get sometime 3-4 minutes wait, but noticed more AI at lower BR. Even a match with BR 4.3-5.3 can be full of AI bots. The thing is, ever since the failed recent update, the matches are very steamrolly. Very often the entire team gets wiped out and it just happens to be my team. I die more often than I used to and that’s just due to these steamroll losses. I get a derp team while the enemy is very good. It’s very annoying when most of your team spawns in the far corner of the map and you get bum rushed by the enemy near the 2 caps. It wasn’t like this bad before and steamrolls were quite rare. Now it’s just so unbalanced and not enjoyable anymore. I left tank games due to constant steamrolls with unbalanced teams. Now it seems to be the same more and more in Naval. What is going on with this game? Is it gaijin’s ineptitude or is it more nefarious?

Yep and they really do need to get rid of the unrepairable breach, at least in Arcade, I don’t believe anyone in the player base asked for this “feature”. Yesterday, I out fought a larger opponent but because he caused a tiny unrepairable breach by some RNG BS, I ended up sinking minutes later whilst still having 50% crew and no ability to repair or pump out. Absolutely dumb.

If they are going to have this mechanic, then at least they should consider the spawn points as repair bases for these types of breach, much like how Aircraft can fully repair at an airfield.

Are you restricting yourself to only one server maybe? Personally, I haven’t had any trouble getting in. Although I am running on two servers. I think the most I’ve had to wait is about three minutes max. Another thing that will affect your match finding time is the time that you play. I’m at CST and play during the daytime here when most of the Americas are awake and the EU is off from work and out of school.

And the ghost crews are a thing of the past, it was fixed today with the latest update.

Hope to see you out there on the High Seas! o7