Seriously, Gaijin... improve the multicore support of your engine... it's not even funny anymore


One core usually sits between 85-100% utilisation, which only heats up the CPU unnecessarily, a few others bob between 30 and 60 utilisation and the rest … does nothing at all.

It seems like, not much has changed since 2020


The engine is rather old. Going back and changing core code is pretty much impossible. You could add ontop and switch load for some higher level functions on other cores (graphics for example) so that a CPU experienses one more core being used, but that’s mostly it.

I didn’t realize this was an issue. I can play the game with a 10600k locked at stable 161fps with lows never dropping under 100fps. It seems to spread my load fine but I don’t use hyperthreading.

it’s not about the FPS… it’s about an awefully programmed engines that dropps protential.

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I havent noticed any issue with this. Running a Xeon E5-2680V3 with all core at 3.3ghz, on 1080p medium with FPS locked to 60.
The only issue is when in ground mode a big bomb explodes (2000kg or more), but even then, it is just a very small freeze.

A big issue is that the engine seemingly allocates 3-5 times more VRAM, than it acutally uses, and it sometimes makes 8gb VRAM GPUs horribly stutter.
i don’t know why this only occures on 8gb cards. There have been a thread on the old forum, that misteriously disappeared tho.
It’s funny, that a Maxwell Titan X can perform better than an RTX 3070 Ti, just because it has +4gb VRAM.

War Thunder’s engine is beautiful there is no reason to change it. The amount it accomplishes while being able to run on my Samsung fridge is a true technical marvel.


Aaand it would be important why? You can run the game easily on half your cores and your thermal limits for the CPU aren’t exceeded in the slightest. You’re not going to gain even a single FPS if they would go ahead and throw the game on every core…

You’d make a point if your CPU utilization was at 100% while your GPU would sit below 80%.

What you show here is nothing of any importance.

For reference, I use a 5800X and the game uses 5 cores for me out of 8. Utilization doesn’t get above like 40% on a single core, and overall CPU utilization doesn’t even hit 15%. And I sit at 170+ FPS while using SSAA 4x and nearly everything maxed @ 1080p. This game is not limited whatsoever by CPU power, rather GPU. Now I don’t know if they could potentially offload some tasks from the GPU to the CPU to better balance the load, but that’s up to them.

Why are you bothered by this at all