Serie 0 at 6.0 despite the fact that the 4.3 spitfire mk.9 can easily beat it if played right

If two players with equal skill have a Spit mk 9 and RE.2005 serie 0, the spit wins 9/10 times.


looks at CL-13mk4
“Oh, they’ve done it again, haven’t they”


Also any firepower advantage Re.2005 used to have is gone after several nerfs to MG151/20 and everything else getting the ability to 2-shot a wing or tail. And oftentimes 1-shot

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I haven’t gotten around to spading mine yet.
Dunno what to think of it going up to 6.0 cause I don’t have experience in it yet.

I all know is that, it is the plane I fear facing in my 5.7 Spitfire’s.

Apparently if you tell the truth they censor you…

At the risk of being repetitive but in the right:
The Re 2005 Series 0 at BR 6.0 despite the whole Italian community told you not to raise the Series 0 BR yet, at most you should have lowered it and guess what the developers did?

This proves that this forum is totally useless, Italy is more than dead thanks to the choices the developers have made.

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I dont know enough about the Series 0 to comment properly. but to judge an aircrafts BR vs a single aircraft from a single nation is a doomed endeavour. I do play Spitfires. and they are kings of the low alt turn fight. With maybe only the Zeros matching it. I’d confidently dogfight a BR6 German fighter in a Spitfire MkIIa if it was at low alt. Does that mean the Spitfire Mkiia is better than the BR6 German fighter?

Heck, one of my usual 2 Spitfires I fly in ARB, The Spitfire MkIIa Venture I has a higher Rate of climb and a better turn time than the Series 0 and thats only BR3

There must be other attributes to the Series 0 that mean it has a high a BR. Based upon its armament I’d say its fair jouster and bomber hunter. with 3 decent cannons and 2 HMGs in fairly central position.

It may not be able to match a Spitfire in a turn, but it seems fairly equal to most other nations withwise of turn time.

Again, it does have an inferior rate of climb to the Spitfires. But it’s equal to most other nations at that BR.

It does have 1 clear advantage over the Spitfire. Its faster at a lower alt and I’d imagine, performs a lot better in energy attacks. Diving down.

it has a large bomb load as well, meaning its likely quite a decent CAS fighter, and combined with the guns, can probably inflict a lot of damage. I’d strongly suspect that GRB plays a big part in its BR

A Spitfire is best suited for low altitude turn fighting. It has 2 decent cannons, but with limited ammo and weak seconday MGs. These guns are placed wide and have short range (I usually set convergence at about 250-300m, meaning you have to get close to deal decent damage)

Try to stick high, and you’ll hold the advantage. Only a handful of Spitfires actually have decent climb rates past a certain point and unless im in one of them ( like my usual at 5.7, the MkIX Plagis), I rarely climb that far and prefer to sit lower. (There climb rate and overall performance drops off rapidly past about 10k ft, except the much later Spitfires with 2 Stage Superchargers, even then they are better low)

If you are turn fighting a Spitfire. You are probably going to die, especially at low alt where the Spit has the advantage. So wouldnt matter if you were in a Series 0, a P-51, Bf-109, whatever, you are probably going to loose 9/10 times. An experienced Spitfire pilot will always bait you lower.

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I decided to analyze the Re-2005 serie 0.
Focusing on climb rate, weapons, engine power, and a bit on energy retention.
It climbs slight superior to J7W1. About as well as F-4U. BF-109K4 outclimbs by ~4 meters per second, but has worse armament.
5 really potent guns, among the best for the BR in ammo count & gun count.
Engine power for its weight is around par for its weight class.

IDK if it’s 6.0 capable still, but it’s closer to other 6.0s than I thought it’d be.

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Not too mention a decently large bomb load

Not too mention a decently large bomb load

Apart from the fact that its bomb load is ridiculous compared to Russian or American bombs that have a much larger blast radius.

It avoids creating misinformation thanks after careful analysis the Re-2005 series 0 should not be at BR 6.0.


Not saying it “should” be that high. I cant comment on it specifically enough. But when you consider most british fighters (such as the specifically mentioned mk9 spitfire) have only 250lb bombs they are quite a bit bigger.

The J7W1 is pretty much bottom of the barrel when it comes to climb rate at this BR.

I tested the 5 planes that were mentioned (J7W1, both F4U-4s as you don’t specify which, Bf 109 K-4 and Re.2005), by setting them at a climb speed of 270 km/h and measuring the climb rate they had at 1 km. All planes had at least 20 minutes of fuel loaded. While 270 km/h likely isn’t the speed at which these planes gain the most amount of altitude per second, it is a good general value to climb at with most if not all propeller driven fighters.
Results were as follows (if you test for yourself, results might differ simply because it’s very difficult to have a perfect 270 km/h IAS climb):

J7W1 (6.0):       19.5 m/s;
F4U-4B (5.7):     23.6 m/s;
F4U-4 (4.7):      21.2 m/s
Bf 109 K-4 (5.7): 29.2 m/s
Re.2005 (6.0):    22.4 m/s;

I’m interested in how you ran your climb rate tests, because my results do not agree with yours in the slightest. The Bf 109 K-4 far outclimbs the Re.2005, and the F4U-4B (which is likely the F4U you were referring to) also outclimbs it by what I would personally consider a decent margin.

Since real-shatter has been fixed, other nation’s 20 mm cannons are extremely powerful, so the armament advantage of the Re.2005 is very much diminished. The F4U-4Bs 20 mm AN/M3s, compared to the Mg 151/20s, outrange, fire more rounds per second, have more penetration (useful against ground targets specifically in GRB) and potentially even deal more damage.

One other thing is that your analysis lacks perhaps one of the most important and defining characteristics of a propeller driven plane at this BR, which is simply speed. Out of all these planes, the Re.2005 is by far the slowest in level flight at most current combat altitudes (low-medium altitude), and while it doesn’t have the worst dive speed, it is only slightly better than the Bf 109 K-4, at 800 km/h IAS instead of 790.


I got 22 m/s with J7W1.
24m/s with Re 2005.
K4 was closer to 28.
F-4U was also around 24.
And your climb tests show the same narrative I was stating.
And I used WEP for all aircraft.

My test results show a much lower climb rate for both the Re.2005 and J7W1, a near identical climb rate for the F4U-4B, and a much higher climb rate for the Bf 109 K-4, so I have to disagree.

This is why I asked for specifics of how you ran the tests. The results themselves are meaningless if we don’t have any idea how you got them and how to recreate or get close to them, which is why the first thing I did was specify how I obtained my results.

Although I did forget to state that I used WEP in all tests, and that they were all in realistic mode (that second bit is probably obvious as the Re.2005 is only 6.0 in RB).


6.0 would be ok if they gave it the old flight model back.

But it flies like a 5.3 plane at the moment.


This thing has a legacy BR, it has no business at 6.0.
Basically a 4.3 plane if we talk about raw performance, that could easily be sitting at 4.7-5.0 given how braindead it is to fly it.

It’s great at 3rd partying ppl or killing clueless enemies that try to turn fight you/ fall for a reversal… the fun ends here though.


@Smin1080p Are you able to comment at all on this aircrafts placement and the reasoning behind its recent BR increase?

^^^^ - this

Morvran them makes many good points about the strengths of the 2005 that the OP obviously doesn’t appreciate, but this is the main thing - BR is assessed across all opponents - not just one.

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