Seperate BR System for Naval

I think it would be prudent to have a seperate BR system for naval now

16-inch ships are on the horizon, and it’s only a matter of time before super battleships like the Yamato, Montana, etc. are added. It would be unwise and unplayable to have these ships at any BR above 7.0. They would be forced to contend with jet aircraft that they were never designed to go against, and in higher BRs, guided weaponry would be completely broken to play against.

But the more important matter is that Gaijin’s current insistence on binding naval to the same BR that ground and air has is that it forces naval into a severe state of compression. With only a single BR uptier of 1.0, ships are forced to contend with ships that are multiple leaps ahead in terms of capability. It is ridiculous that there are cruisers facing 15-inch battleships. I can only assume that this will get worse.

Aircraft can be assigned a different BR just for the naval mode. This should be relatively easy, especially if they include player feedback as to what aircraft belongs where.


You’re jumping the literal gun and this method may not be a good plan… Someone will be all ‘That’s a good idea’ because they share the issue and want a fix, but it doesn’t mean it’s a good plan.

If anything the BR ‘decompression’ that everyone coins and ‘wants’ needs to be brought in, but even just by gapping out certain vehicles and areas of the tree to do literally what you’re wanting, but it doesn’t need the naval mode to have a seperate BR setup.

You’re suggesting something to be done, before the things that you’re expecting are added or even brought in, and who says what their BR will be, or where they will even be on the tree.

Why wait around until the issue already arrived? Let’s not be lazy here.

It’s already stupid that WW1 dreadnoughts can fight jets.

You should report the issue that you can already… The fearing of what is to come is something else.

What could be better is suggesting more to bring in in that area, in forms of support and anti-air capability.

Maybe even suggest some ‘other’ ways to handle the air threat in those modes.

They can just limit planes to just the <7.0 ones.


Sir, USS Alaska kills supersonic F-4 Phantoms, pretty sure they’ll do fine against F-84Gs & later R2Y2s.

that works too

like i said my main concern is the severe compression of naval

There isn’t really any 7.7 or even 8.7 that battleships can’t deal with.
And aircraft SPAA only gets more advanced.