Separate flight configuration of aircraft in all game modes

The configurations I’m talking about, are the ‘gun targeting distance’, ‘vertical targeting’-toggle, ‘fuel amount’, ‘bomb fuse’ and ‘bomb series’. (Even the ‘aerobatic smoke type’, which I admit is a small detail, but I’ll include it anyways)

In my own experience it has been an inconvenience when switching between different aircraft, when they by default all refer back to one single flight configuration, forcing you to have to change them every time you change aircraft, since one configuration obviously don’t fit all aircraft.

Instead, I imagine It would be more convenient if these were individually saved for each aircraft, every time the player changed these configuration of any aircraft, even in the case of multiple aircraft in a single lineup.

It’s a small issue but I feel I could be a nice, only small “life improvement” for the player base.


This is badly needed! It would be a huge life improvement.

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Im glad you agree!