Sensitivity / Speed of Aiming


I was wondering if the aiming speed or sensitivity isnt too responsive? I will try to explain, with lower tier tanks, the turret can be slow, there is no stabilizer and aiming is a bit more slower, when you move your aiming reticle onto target, the turret starts to follow, it goes to horizontal and then vertical until reaches your desired target. But i feel like with higher tier tanks this is completely gone, gun follows reticle like instantly, left/right up and down no problem 100% instant speed … Shouldnt it be a bit less responsive? These newer gun systems in tanks are probably much faster and responsive than in older tanks, but are they as responsive as the game shows? Its like instant movement without any delay, acceleration or slowing down. I think in real tank once the gunner starts rotating a turret it will probably slowly accelerate to the maximum rotation speed and slow down a bit before fully stopping, but in WT its like instant 0 to 100 to 0 type of movement, wouldnt gunner fall off his chair?

Its a little exaggerated, but not really. The turret drives in modern tanks are VERY powerful.
It depends on how far the gunner is turning the controls. For a course movement you can pretty much get full rotation within a second and a few degrees. Stopping IRL is less of a problem than over-traverse and backlash (the M1 is kinda bad about that), where the gunner has to reverse back to get onto target. This depends on gunner skill mostly.
In the game, players expect to have better and better turret lay as you go up in BR so Gaijin provides.

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Gaijin doesn’t know how to implement stabilizers so turret performance is entirely unrealistic and overrides the realistic performance, the turret snaps to wherever you aim and is faster the closer it gets to the center.

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that makes sense, it has that “snap” feeling, it shouldnt work like that

It’s the least of the problems really, it entirely bypasses a vehicles turret rotation speed as well, which mainly benefits Russia greatly.

I feel like aiming is the key feature when it comes to Tank Battles, when its as easy as moving a mouse cursor on desktop then enemies can easily aim wherever they want effectively hitting weak spots disabling your tank. Why would anyone hit your strong turret cheeks when they can easily click on your turret ring or something else. That makes the gameplay way less realistic.

Gun parallax in Sim makes things a lot better when you can’t shoot pixel perfect, and guns are also just too accurate.

Stab has nothing to do with slew rate and braking. Gaijin probably goes off of published traverse rates, but modelling actual accelleration from stop and how fast the turret can slow down and take an aim is pretty much a guess unless they can find some secrut dokuments. They probably factor game playability as well. WT is a game not a simulation.

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Stabilizer allows turrets to rotate faster than they’re physically possible by multiple times, and it’s well known that when the gun is closer to your reticle it also speeds up and snaps, allowing for faster movement as well.

This part is actually crew skill. With a low targeting skill for the gunner, it does only one plane at a time. With high skill, the gunner can do both.
They did make stabilizers act weird though, if you keep your mouse withing the small white circle you can increase your rotation because it uses the stabilzer speed over the turret rotation speed.

In this video you we can clearly see that turret smoothly accelerates and slows down, its complete opposite to what you experience in WT, it doesnt just snaps to where the gunner aims, its a smooth movement.

Repeat after me “WT is a video game not a simulator”.

Its a game with a ton of realistic stuff … and i bet people loved this game for it. But there are also unrealistic things like aiming for example, which could be improved and make the game better.

You would not enjoy the realistic way that turrets move IRL. If you want to experience that, go into your settings > Common > View control > and crank aim sensitivity to 100%.
This will let you whip your mouse aim around faster than the turret and will pretty accurately simulate the input overrun of a real 10 ton turret. Yeah, you can get used to it, but its not much fun is it?

I would.

Well, ur a freak. lol /jk

Steel Beasts and GHPC both simulate accurate firecontrol movements. Check them out if you want realism.