"Semyon Sorokin" profile picture is inaccessible for everyone

“Semyon Sorokin” profile picture so far is one of the most coolest in the last few months and it is inaccessible for everyone.

And just because the last mission “First flight of the F-4 Phantom II” that’s the complete opposite of the other missions which has a higher amount of options and doesn’t stand in a high rank and BR as all of the F-4 Phantom II aircraft we have in-game,


Surely nothing will change and I doubt if will, but it is just my point of view.


Also, what’s the price for buying a profile picture in Page of History? I wanted to know.

Profile pictures are expensive, no idea why they’re so insanely stingy with them, very few people care about a profile picture but they want you to jump through hoops for one or cough up a bunch of money.

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