Semovente Sexton Da 105/22

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In the post war era Italy was gathering up vehicles to rebuild its armed forces. Among them was the Canadian built Sexton (or as the Italians referred to it, Sexton da 88/27) as Canada had left a majority of their armour behind. The Italians liked the robust vehicle, but found the gun to be a bit underwhelming and underpowered especially as modern day anti-tank weapons were being deployed. Their solution was to remove the QF 25 pounder and replace it with a 10 cm M. 14 Feldhaubitze (obice da 100/17 modello 14) and bore it out to 105mm in 1959 to take the same ammunition as the M4 Sherman 105 mm and added a large muzzle brake creating the obice da 105/22. These Sextons served for several years with various regiments including the 131st Armored Artillery Regiment. In particular the 33rd Regiment was using towed 88/27 until they were replaced with Sextons in December 1958 from the ones previously fielded by the now disbanded 1st Armored Artillery Regiment. According to the book “The Italian Army Combat Vehicles” Third Volume (1945-1955) - Pignato-Chaplain" the new gun did increase the the vehicles firepower at the cost of the Sextons effective range from 12,200m to 10,600m.

Overall the Italians appear to have liked the Sexton, and by extension the Priest, as they continued using them until the early 60’s. By the 70’s many had been converted into museum pieces and monuments.





(This one actually had to be restored after being vandalized)



  • M1 granata ad alto esplosivo
  • M60 proietto nebbiogeno-incendiario
  • M84 proietto nebbiogeno
  • M314 proietto illuminante
  • M67 granata controcarro a caraica cava
  • STRL da esercitazione

Sexton wreck



The Italian Army Combat Vehicles" Third Volume (1945-1955) - Pignato-Chaplain"


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A uniquely Italian howitzer! +1

+1 this is a wonderful suggestion

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This is actually a really brilliant addition, I had no idea this even existed, really cool, and would be an excellent 3.3-3.7 vehicle

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