Self Propelled Type 96 AA Gun

Was there ever a field conversion/anything where the Type 96 25mm was put onto a self-propelled chassis?

I found this image which is obviously fake and from a game or a mod, but was there anything like it?



Maybe the Type 96 AA gun prime mover truck? Was it ever put on the back? Or is that a 20mm? I can’t really tell.

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You had the Ka-Mi with 2 20mm’s in the rear, 25mm’s were not utilized on any Japanese vehicle. The Type-96 likely did not utilize a 75mm as Wikipedia claimed although not much info and a person who was at one time Perhaps trustable was somewhat found out to not necessarily be as trustable although I won’t go into that rabbit hole of the old past, just something interesting to mention.

Aside from that Ta-Ha is a possibility although that’s a whole other rabbit hole since there is very little info existing. So it could possibly have had 2 German 37mm’s or simply 1 Japanese 20mm. Who really knows?

Time will tell.

The amphibious tank To-Ku was fitted with Type 96 25mm MG in its turret. Of course this was not for anti-air use.

In the turret, you’re correct about that although that’s divulging from the question and more or less not related to if the Japanese 25mm’s were used as an mobile SPAA platform for the IJA.