Self Propelled Anti Air Main Battle Tanks

Why do I have to suffer through 6.0-7.0’s lack of SPAAs to be flooded with 8.0’s SPAAMBTs running around killing anything that moves?

Any stabilized SPAAMBT should be restricted to 8.7+

France’s and Sweden’s already are.

Yippee new vammillad cope post


Don’t worry it’s probably not just you.

Also what nation are you talking about?

In this he’s almost not wrong. Take Britain, you have to use the Skink from 5.3 to 8.3 and then at 8.3 you get 3 different SPAA. Only to have nothing again till 10.3

They seem to have a low priority when it comes to actually filling SPAA gaps. (like when we got the Skink and Bosvark at basically the same time, did we really need 2x SPAA at the same BR within 1 month of each other?)


sighs in US SPAA from 2.7-7.7 Yeah 😞


Jusf check AB. In waves they give one side fighters to spawn to stop the enemy getting to the battle zone. They don’t give you an option to spawn SPAA, maybe there is a hint there.

If Gaijin keeps handholding Russian players …pretty soon they will have to kill tanks/planes for them as well.

Sometimes it’s really hard to decide on this.
French main here, talking about the AMX30DCA, the 30mm guns are not nearly as competitive when it comes to AA purpose, yet this thing is way better at air to ground indeed, and I would say it’s justified to sent it to 8.7.
However there is nothing left on 8.3 which should’ve been one of the best BR French could get, you’d either have to use a armourless truck gun, or IFV without missile that is frankly useless as an AAA in this BR range.
I know your feeling of getting shredded by these AAA, and I know exactly how they could be incredibly powerful, but that probably has more to do with the smaller and crampier map as of right now, instead of raising the BR of these AA, Gaijin should perhaps stop trimming these map and add more bigger, more open map to reflect the real world.

The Brenus is 8.7 there is nothing left for you at 8.3

gaijin when T77 MGMC

AMX 10RC count? And Mars 15 too. Imho AMX10RC is one of the best in the entire tree.

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Yes! That would be awesome!!!

Thats also because SPAA there can be actually competent due to lead markers, and bombs there are significantly weaker.

Fighters really arent necessary there as long as you have a rapid-fire spaa or a derp gun with HE-VT.

Well, I am more focusing on the composition of air waves, whereby SPAA still needs to be swapped to or already spawned. The only options given specifically for these waves is bomber/strike, escort, then interceptor.

As in a hint of how the Devs envisioned aerial attacks to be mainly handled.

Of course I do believe much is not planned but just how it all turned out when they slapped things together.

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Ah, true. I will say, on the most part it works better then RB imo- at least except for Tiny Tims.

Its also an example of why we need the lead indicator for RB.