Selection of ammunition to replenish

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I am suggesting an improvement to mechanics of replenishment of ammunition in the capture zones in ground battles. Currently, the game replenishes shells in the order of the ammunition bar, that is, from left to right. It completely fills the selected ammunition in the first ammunition type before starting to replenish the second ammunition type.

The suggestion is to improve the mechanics of ammunition replenishment by allowing players to select the ammunition to be replenished, overriding the game’s default logic of replenishment. To select the ammunition to be restocked, a player uses the same key as that which selects the ammunition type to be reloaded. Alternatively, new keybinds can be made for this purpose.

The implementation of this suggestion will improve the quality of ammunition replenishment. In most cases when playing ground battles, I do not replenish the entire amount of my selected ammunition, in the interest of time. Therefore, I am only able to replenish some amount of my first selection of ammunition (for example, APFSDS) and not my second selection of ammunition (for example, HE). This means I am unable to replenish the specific ammunition I need in a short time window, and will suffer decreased efficiency in combat.


Yes we need that but we also need a ability to rearm on spawn or some other place…good luck trying to rearm while playing something that have 8 ammo and there is 1 cap on map. Just add some time cooldown to ppl not abuse it by siting there entire battle.