Select your own Battle Task once you get to 10GE

There are a lot of battle tasks I hate… By the time you get to the point where it costs 10GE to select a new one, you should be able to pick your own from the list. At this point you’ve already paid 15,000SL and 5 GE… so 10 more GE should give you your pick.


So there are definitely people who use GE to change task…


I’ve only done it a few times (paid 5GE less than 5 times, never paid 10GE) because I’m greedy with my GE… but if I only have a short time to play I would be tempted to spend 10GE to select my own.

What I especially hate is the fact that the tasks are always drawn from the complete pool, so it’s very well possible to get A, redraw to get B, redraw and get A again, to then redraw to get B again.

If it was without replacing already discarded tasks from the draw pool, it would ne no issue…


It would definitely be less of an issue if you didn’t get tasks that you already said no to… But… It would be nice if you’re trying to build up an SPAA, for instance, that you could select say the Bird Hunt task…

It’s actually quite cool now that Sim Air also has tasks, especially as there’ys only a small variety.

I usually go for “Eagle Eye” (getting 5, 14 or 30 crits for easy, medium and special tasks). With the A-10 in Sim EC, a matter of an hour or so to get easy, medium and a special in one day…

Save the change task option for the medium tasks, never use GE to change the special task since you can always change it the next day. Focus in doing the medium tasks cause those are the ones that unlock special tasks. I never spend GE in changing tasks and if I don’t have time I’ll “save” the special tasks for the weekend when I can play for longer periods.


i think they should let you pick from 3 every time, or at least every time you pay to change the task, Ive spent like… 100 million on changing tasks… its ridiculous. Most of them are trash

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I agree, and this just raises the cost of sorting thru the tasks to get one you can manage more easily.

Ahhh, so that further reinforces my suspicions about Sim being abused…

I’m still not getting ANY movement on that issue to be honest… It’s still happening.

I prefer to be clear, I don’t judge at all! But I was surprised to see that people are using this feature.
But in any case it supports the game and allows players to play it for free ;)

How is this abuse?

Before Sim was added to the tasks, it was similar with realistic ground and tasks where you need to kill aircraft or kill using SPAA. Easy to complete, easy to get.

Just now I prefer playing aircraft, so I do those tasks basically as a “side effect”…

What are you talking about? What abuse? 🤔

The fact that a botfarm can be active, sitting on an airfield, letting people grind out the tasks with less effort than the rest of our tasks. The old ‘PvE room’ stuff…

If they’re able to more likely get straight forward daily, and special tasks, and be able to merely farm kills and literally keep getting them, without effort compared to others who are in normal matches with actual threats and such, makes the whole sim situation skewed.

Funnily enough, since quite a while, I’ve never seen any mention of PvE in any of the Sim EC matches I’ve played, or was under any impression that what you call a “botfarm” was going on…

I’ve seen it as recent as last week because I’ve been watching one, because of the interaction we had in that PvE lobby thread a month back…

It’s still going on…


I think the OP is a good idea


Why are you volunteering SL/GE? You should be able to select a task from a drop down list from the start

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It’s part of their strategy to bleed you of SL and GE and make you spend more money… The SL I can deal with, but yeah, picking from a list at the 5GE point would be better.

But then it is basically economy 101: If I can pick from a list for 5 GE, then the worst case would be 450 GE for 90 such picks. With that, I can easily farm over 45 levels of the pass. Which should conveniently push me to a free pass, which then saves me 1550 GE. I also get to collect a rank V talisman for 1000GE(sale price). If there were an option to choose the task for 5GE, I’d probably use it almost every day.