Seeking Balanced Gameplay and Enhanced Close Air Support for War Thunder Ground RB

Greetings, fellow War Thunder players!

I would like to take this opportunity to share an idea with the community. As an avid enthusiast of War Thunder Ground Realistic Battles (RB), I have been primarily playing as Germany. However, over the past year, I have also ventured into the USA and USSR factions on multiple occasions. Unfortunately, each time I felt dissatisfied with my progress and ended up deleting those accounts, only to create new ones months later. I have invested a significant amount of money into the game, whether it was purchasing premiums to enhance my lineups or obtaining premium time. Although I had refrained from purchasing top-tier premiums until recently, I eventually decided to acquire them when I reached the highest battle ratings with Germany, even though I had already researched the corresponding vehicles.

Lately, I have noticed a recurring issue in my top-tier matches, where I find myself being consistently decimated by various forms of close air support (CAS), such as aircraft and helicopters. While I appreciate the inclusion of CAS in the game, I cannot help but feel that the current balance is somewhat skewed. The USA and USSR factions have readily accessible premium aircraft and helicopters in the in-game store that greatly assist their ground forces in RB. Conversely, the nation I predominantly play as, Germany, lacks robust CAS options and reliable helicopters to support its ground forces effectively. It would be beneficial if Gaijin Entertainment could consider adding a more dependable helicopter or CAS variant to the premium section of the respective factions. This would enable players like myself, who primarily enjoy ground RB, to have access to reliable support aircraft and helicopters, enhancing our ability to achieve victory in battles. At present, I have no plans to delve into the air tech trees of Germany or any other nation, as I simply lack the time to dedicate to such endeavors.

For your reference, I have successfully researched the entire German tech tree over the past month and a half, with the exception of a few vehicles in Rank 6. I sincerely believe that introducing a slight balance in this aspect of the game, and allowing players to invest real-life currency for a more enjoyable experience, would be greatly appreciated. I kindly request that you consider this post for further development and improvement.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude for the incredible experience and enjoyment I have derived from War Thunder. It has been an absolute pleasure engaging in battles alongside each and every one of you.

Until we meet again on the battlefield!

Best regards,