Seek & Destroy Update - FOX-3 missiles

Never been used by it.

Mirage 4000 flew between: 1979 and 1989
MICA first saw service in 1996
And first flew in 1992

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How so?

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It’s impossible for the target aircraft to out-manouver a 35G missile, G-pull greater than that only decreases turn radius, which is only relevant in short-range HOBS engagements

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MICA-EM/MICA-IR are multipurpose missiles, can be used at short as long range.

The fact that The MICA can’t pull more than 35G at long range is due to having or not energy left for it.

A sane mind would try to break that energy before it happens.

Also comparing a FOX-3 to a FOX-2 is kinda irrelevant.

But anyway, reming yourself that if a Mirage still have MICA after 1st engagement, then it’s on you to not have played a BVR match on which you have the upper hand, thanks to range and number of missiles you have (R-77)

All I am saying is that the R-DARTER did wonderful things for me yesterday on Dev. 4/4 R-DARTER.

120s on the F-16 was also nice running average 5/6.

If memory serves, the R-77 was pretty crap on dev, but yes at range MICA loses to other options.

How often, though, do you actually engage someone over 30 or even 20KM in an ARB match?

It’s gonna be a meta defining missile imo

Me? All the time,… i’m not playing the furball option until i do not only have Fox-2 left, or being forced to do so.

Casually firing 40km first missile, 35 km for second when using F-14 so my ennemy just have to fight 2 54.

Then 20km for any other Fox-1, when using Fox-1

It was meant to be a test bed for upcoming tech, thats why the documentation has it potentially using MICAs. Yak 141 already set this precedant so I dont see any issues when it was proposed to have them, I’de rather the M4K than M2K just because of the better capabilities

what is the point ? M4K has shitty radar, you will get good missile, but not the radar to use MICA properly. And I woudl rather see yak 141 with R73/R77 because it was still flying in the 90s.

you realise the M4K is literally france’s best jet atm… Radar is more than capable but yak 141 has stuff it literally never got and considering M4K was a prototype and was proposed to have MICAs i literally dont see any issue it getting them

In general, from my experience, the perf of the missile is random, and the main difference is who spot the enemy first. So many time i see the enemy plane with my eyes but the radar does not, so he launch missile before me…
My overall experience is also mixed, because sometimes the ground deviate the missile, sometimes not, very random for now. But the main problem, is that we still get 16vs16 match even if we click on the option not to.

I have never seen Photo of M4k with mica, when there is plenty of yak 141 with r73/r77.

Not talking about yak141 missiles… yak 141 in general literally has tech that it never got but gaijin decided to give it anyways (go on the forums you will find out what im on about) regardless the M4K was proposed to have them. heck Harrier GR1 has SRAAMs when it never should have, sorry but I still dont see any issue it getting MICAs.

As it stands France will only have 1 jet and its not even the best in terms of flight performance, the new F16s are still stuck behind a new line grind so no one will have them yet (unless they GE it)



Is there a document confirming that the range of AIM-120A is 80 km? In all sources I have only seen 50 km

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The M4K already have tech that it never got… it has a proposed radar and the super 530 D.

the m2k is going to have 6 micas and 2 magic 2 so i would say that it is going to be pretty competitive, arguably better than the mig 29smt or the f16c

Your document in french does not specify what type of missile. And from what i read on the classified document posted on this forum when the M4K came out, no infos on MICA. The document in spanish cannot be taken as a source for gaijin.

In what sens Yak 141 has tech in game it never has ? You mean he is lacking.

Well yes and no. From an armament point of view, it is pretty comparable. But with 8 missiles, the plane is really slow and heavy. On that point, every opponent has better performance.

so whats the issue with it getting MICAs? :D it can only carry 4 and these take up the 530 pylons so if anything ide say its equally balanced.

considering everyone thats flown the current M2K-5F has been doing so with only 4 missiles tops, while 6 MICAs and 2magics will be more competitive your just hampering any already inferior airframes performance vs whats currently in.

hence M4K should get MICAs too, its already got a better flight performance to the M2K5F and is more matched in flight performance to the Gripens/F15C (still worse) but you will see the issues with the M2K and 8 missiles going against any of these new jets (unless you decide to fling every missile at the start of a match) but I’de rather the M4K get them to even the playing field better

the micas arent that heavy, it would be like using the two magic alongside of the2 super 530d, there is just a 100kg difference, not to mention that you can easily overcome the worse rate using the hmd.

you realise weight isnt the only factor here… pylons and missiles being mounted create drag, gaijin tweak FMs for this. I can gurantee that performance is going to suffer more than you think