Searching for glossary of terms used in game and unit symbols

Is there a glossary of terms used by both the game and users available? Also looking for a chart of symbols used in game, specifically, but not limited to, the statistics screen in battle - I have no clue what that parachute symbol means in game: I’m a retired paratrooper but what does it mean for a main battle tank? Thanks in advance.

Here’s a useful list of characters that has some listings of their usages.

If you highlight though some of the areas they are used, that may help out more. Mousing over things often makes information turn up as well.

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Hi !
I’ve created a tutorial in the French sub-forum on the scoreboard.
I’ll have to think about translating it.

The parachute: this means that the player is not on the battlefield, but is still in the game. In the reappearance screen, he is either spawning for the first time, has just “died” and is choosing another vehicle to return to the battle, or has chosen to remain a spectator.

The white pilot’s head: this means that the player is “dead” and has definitively left the battle.

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FlyingDoctor, Otto4980, thanks to both of you, you’ve been most helpful!

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