Sea harrier radar

Just wanted to make sure the sea harrier radar being a carbon copy of the f5e radar was a known issue and maybe when it will be fixed. My understanding was that it has a pd radar with off, I thought it had that when it was introduced but now it’s stuck with a very limited radar?

The FRS.1 is, to my understanding, just the basic all weather naval harrier, the PD radar (blue vixen was the name i believe) was an upgrade that was only specific to the FRS.2, mostly due to it needing high fleet interceptor capabilities.

I’m not on about the better one but I’m pretty sure the frs 1 should have iff at the very least. Playing sim without it really hampers the ability to kill as you have to make sure by getting close.

You arent wrong. Its a placeholder. Actual radar has a lot of differences. IFF being the main one. Cockpit is also completely wrong, just a copy paste of the Gr3

List of inaccuracies with the radar:

"Issue list with Sea Harrier radar at the moment:

  1. Increase radar detection range from 30km to 46km

  2. Adjust RCS from 5m^2 to 2-3m^2 (Sea Harrier should detect itself at 23 nm/43km)

  3. Increase lock range from 19km to 46km

  4. change scope from [19,37,74] to [19,46,93] km

  5. Change Azimuth from 90 degree to 110 degree

  6. Reduce angular resolution from 15 degree to 5-7 degree (smaller target width)

  7. missing IFF"

Is a good place to ask for news. Though none for a while. Personally i think FRS1 completion will come with FA2

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Yes we have an internal report for the Shar FRS.1 radar.

Has there been any recent news? Or is it likely all coming later in the year? Like I suspect with the FA2

Nothing yet, hasn’t stop me asking about it every chance I get haha.

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Good good, if you need a replacement poking stick, im sure we can find you one, just ask