Sd.Kfz.7/2 mit Behilfspanzerung (3,7 cm Flak)

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I would like to suggest the Sd.Kfz.7/2 armored version (Behilfspanzerung) and armed with a 3,7 cm Flak 36 L/57 (or also Flak 43)

The Sd.Kfz.7 was the standart 8 ton half track vehicle used by the Wehrmacht in WW2 as troop and artillery tractor. It was developed befor WW2 to be the main arty tractor of the 8,8 cm Flak and 15 cm s.F.H 18. The contract was given to Heinrich Ernst Kniepkamp in 1926 and was part of a group of testing between german, american and english tractors over a period of 3 year with it winning the contract and only 30% more fuel consumtion over normal Trucks. After further development full production started in 1934.

It was also the slightly bigger version to the Sd.Kfz.6 and also was put into the same roll of mobile AA/AT Guns with the /1 armed with the 2 cm Flakvierling 38 L/65 and the /2 also armed with the 3,7 cm Flak 36 L/57 (or 3,7 cm Flak 43 L/57) to provide support and protection against lighter tanks, other targets and aircrafts. Cince they were normal Halftracks at the beginning, similar to the Sd.Kfz.10 armed with a 2 cm Flak, they didnt offer much protection beyond the gunshield, as such they were further improved with Behilfspanzerung, which replaced the cabin. The same design can also be found on the DB L 4500 A and on the 8t Flakbus.

In Game it would add a bigger more mobile version (along with the /1) to the Sd.Kfz.6/2, which is both armored (8-14,5mm armor) and more mobile. It would flesh out the german AA tree as well as show the need of the german army to mobilise as much AA as possible in the dual AA/AT rolle as Flakpanzers alone dont cut it and slowly the air domination was lost.
Its advantage over the 6/2 aside form the armor, is that it also can shoot forwards over the drivers cab.

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The Vehicle:
Produced from 1938-1945 with over 12.000 build
Weight: 11,55 t
Length / Width / Height: 6,85 m / 2,40 m / 2,62 m
Engine: Hl 62 TUK 140 Ps / 2600 RPM
Top speed: 50 km/h
Crew: 6
Armor: 8-14,5mm (like the Flakbus in game)

The Gun:
3,7 cm Flak 36 L/57 (or Flak 43 L/57)
Fire rate: 160 rpm (or 250) 6 round Frames (or 8) -8° to + 85° (or -10° to +90°) eleavtion, 360° Travers at 35°/Sec


Pzgr. 18 L’Spur. (Aphe) 0,685 kg 770/820m/s 13g Pent (22,1g) 54mm/10m
Pzgr. L’Spur (Naval) (Apcbc) 0,7 kg 815M/s solid 67mm/10m
M-Pzgr. 18 L’Spur. o.Zerl. (Aphe) 0,710-0,720 kg 783M/s 90g HTA (108g) 43mm/10m (0,715kg)
H-Pzgr. L`Spur. o.Zerl. (Apcr) 0,410 kg 1150-1170m/s 231g core(16,1mm) 110-113mm/10m
Bottom Fuze active after 7mm (Note all Ap rounds starting from 37mm use the Bd.Z. d. 3,7 cm Pzgr.)


Sprgr. 18 L’Spur. (umg.) (Fi-T) 0,62 kg 820/845m/s 29g Pent (49,3g)
Brsprgr. o.L’Spur (HEI) 0,62kg 820/845m/s 90g H.5 und Zink
M-Gr. 18 L`Spur. (Fi-T) 0,55kg 914m/s 90g HTA (108g) 10mm/10m

(Optionally also the 3,7 cm Stielgranate 41)

Info:(Click to show)

Heat-FS 15 cm 8,5 kg 2,42 kg Fp.02 Filler 110 m/s 180mm/30°/all distances
effective range up to 300m, max range 700m

Munition der 3,7 cm Flak
Sd.Kfz.7 Manual
H.Dv. 481/501 Merkblatt für die 3,7 cm Stielgranate 41 der 3,7 cm Pak

Inhaltswerte über Kraftfahrzeuge und Gerät


Give it the FlaK 43 with the Stielgranate and it is perfect, since the Sd.Kfz 6/2 already has the FlaK 36. +1