Sd.Kfz. 222 (Germany)

As an armored car enthusiast, I was very excited when the 222 was finally added to the game. Problem is, why is it a SPAA?

In real life it was mainly used as a reconaissance vehicle, so I don’t get this choice from the devs. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it would be more appropiate to introduce this vehicle as a light, being able to scout enemies.

And also, couldn’t Germany have the early 222 just like China does?

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They could just give it the scout ability in addition to the SPAA classification, like they did with the Type 93 and FlaRakRad.


For the purposes of the game it functions very much like an SPAA, being armed with an autocannon that has good traverse rate and elevation angles.

As for why the Chinese and German ones differ it’s to provide some differences in performance and to not make it copy/paste.

FlaRakRad has scouting ability???
Seeing such a massive truck scouting seems funny.

Now if only we could scout aircraft… Then it’d really prove useful

Even if aircraft could be scouted it wouldn’t matter, as rank I vehicles don’t get the scouting feature.

I don’t get why. Imo new players should be allowed to learn about scouting as early as possible.


I think because most vehicles at rank 1 are light tanks. So you would be driving around with a million red eyes on the screen because everyone can scout.

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To be honest I’d only grant the scouting ability to armored cars. The AMD.35, Daimler AC Mk.II, AB 41, Sd.Kfz.222… all those were used as reconaissance assets mainly.


I don’t know about you, but any AA that has only 10 rounds and a seven second reload isn’t very good at AA the The other actual anti-air with FlaK guns have Faster, reload and double rounds And the 5 series 222 even is given high velocity armor piercing belt

You have an MG that is almost as effective.

You get no incendiaries rounds for the mg34 it’s nothing but armor piercing and armor piercing tracers. You get 150 rounds and get 10 seconds of fire time before you have to reload.

I prefer SPAA status since it gets low spawn points, therefore very up-tierable and useful for flanks or cap points.