Sd.Ah. 51 Sonder Anhänger 51 for 2 cm Flaks

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Mobile flaks usually moved along the troups and collums at the front, pathing the way for the resupply, however that takes time, time in which fighting, shooting and depleating of ammo occurs.

As such the German army made a huge array for different trailers including ammo transport trailers for their vehicles including tanks.

I would like to suggest here the Sd. Ah. 51 for additional transport of 20mm ammo.
Since the addition of the Churchill Crocodile, it is the only vehicle with a trailer, as such I suggest the addition via modification of a ammo trailer to the German currently in game Flakpanzer.

While they have usually enough ammo, there are 3 main exceptions, the Flakpanzer I, the 3 cm Flakvierling 103/38 auf Flakpanzer IV Möbelwagen and Sd.Kfz.6/2, which run out pretty quickly and generally if you want (since its a modification and not permanent) you can generally choose if you need even more ammo. Then also these tanks with relatively limited ammo supply, people need to choose what ammo they take with them, which will often result in them taking mainly or only AP ammo, which will lessen the effectiveness against air targets. And since we still don’t have ammo replenishment at the spawn, often times you cant even go and replenish ammo at all.

However these trailers would help such. Having more ammo separate on the trailer, you can take a more effective mix with you and shoot all day long.

The 51 and 52 look pretty similar, they are a basic U frame with 2 wheels (1 axis) where a big container is fixed in the middle, alternatively they could also instead transport the gun itself or other equipment for the guns.

Pictures of the Trailers and use on tanks and halftracks:(Click to show)

Sd.Ah.51(Click to show)

Screenshot 2024-04-21 122024

Sd.Ah.51 dead weight 350kg and a payload of 700kg giving 640 additional 2 cm rounds

Waffen Arsenal 145 Kfz Anhänger der Wehrmacht 1935-1945
D.600 Sonderanhänger 51 and 52 and 57
Inhaltswerte über Kraftfahrzeuge und Gerät D601+
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