Scouting is one of the most powerfull mechanics in the game

Aside from making CAS way easier it allows for extremely easy communication free teamwork and can seriously make an inpact on the game. When playing light tanks and doing nothing but scouting in specific spots where I couldn’t be shot but could see enemies my team nearly always won the first engagement with near no losses. I think scouting is good as it as and shouldn’t be nerfed as its not unfair or unfun when used against you but it is deffinetly something most people don’t pay enough attention to.

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When did it get nerfed?

Latest patch, yesterday. It was a buff/nerf.

They apparently fixed it so it wouldnt randomly fail on enemies you had full view of anymore (dunno havent tried it yet) but nerfed it so if you scout someone after a teammate has shot them, you wont get the scouting assist anymore. (Apparently its a 60 second cooldown after they get shot before a scouting assist will count again)

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If your team shoot it, and then you scout it, if its then destroyed, you get " destroyed not by intelligence " which is worth half.
1 thing that i find very annoying is that target has to be on your screen for a short-time otherwise you get a long cool down and will miss out on multiple targets

I know. Gaijin finally fixed the freaking scouting. It was 5 years due too late, but they finally done it.

They need to bring back the Intelligence and According to intelligence awards, no need to nerf that.