Scout drones do not have a model

A small plastic camera with a propeller attached should not survive a 163mm explosive with 6.81kg of TNT


it doesn’t, unless you can prove this happens, and consistently, then it doesn’t

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I’ve had these little things survive multiple SAMs.

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It doesn’t what?

Survive 163mm shell, also what vehicle carries a 163 lmfao


Roland 3.

I don’t believe the drone will survive that, unless it was an indirect hit. I would need proof of this. I know the attack drones are notoriously tanky (I myself have survived multiple SAMs in one) but I’ve never had any problems with scout drones

I would like to know how a plastic propeller camera survives 6.81kg of TNT detonating within 6 meters of it as that is the trigger radius for the missile.

I don’t have a clue, but I’ve never seen this happen before so idk