Scout drone mechanics

I feel like scout drones should atleast reward you with an assist if your teammates kill an enemy you spot with your drone. Like the scouting mechanic on light tanks. It just makes the drone basically useless if you don’t get rewarded for actions

That would be completely cheating (in term of battle points), you can just spawn, take out your drone and get as many assists as there are enemies. I think there needs to be a reward for drones but it shouldn’t be assistance but rather a smaller reward

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Do you really need a lollipop for everything you do? Be happy if your team can do something with the information and you win.
In the SQBs, these things are very valuable even without rewards.
But if you have to, use them to get a helicopter out of the sky.

I spent one whole game flying around my scout drone pointing out targets to the team. Saved a few people from surprises, but at the end of the match got nothing even though i was contributing to the team. I think scout drones need some kinds of point value for helping out the team, and i also agree it should be a smaller reward, but enough that if you spent the whole game scouting for your team its a decent reward and not overly rewarded where its the new base bombing for ground rb.


I like to go into the scout drone to help teammates and even have a significant impact on winning, but only end up with very little score. Regardless of the amount of reward, there should still be a reward because I am contributing, and I am being beneficial. It can be something minor like when you help repair a teammate, but getting something out of scouting will incentivize actually using the mechanic as barely anyone uses it.

If there wasn’t a reward for repairing or firefighting, I’m sure you would say the same thing about people wanting lollipops for everything you do

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Its not fair that there are no drones in the WW2 era BRs

Counterpoint: It literally takes you 100% out of the match besides you flying that drone while you’re using it. You can be killed at anytime and have no way to defend yourself without leaving the drone


Are you being paid by gaijin? What is up with morons being AGAINST more RP/SL rewards?

You have to be a troll with comments like this combined with what you say everywhere else. Thanks for showing me that.

Yes but Italy suffers

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On the contrary, I pay Gaijin to have fun here, despite all the shortcomings.

In order to overcome this, a lot of different points have to be worked on and for me, more SL or RP are of the least importance.

But to stick to this topic, shooting down a plane in GRB should be rewarded in the same way as taking out a tank, so that more players use their air defence vehicle as such and the eternal moaning about CAS becomes less.
But no, before balancing what already exists, it’s better to bring in something new.

By the way, I do recognise the value of reconnaissance drones, but if vehicles are being equipped with them that date back to the days when the first armaments companies were just starting to experiment with the development of comparatively huge drones for such purposes, then I think the whole thing is just crazy anyway.


How about we actually fix the fucking scout drones, I know you can respawn it, but Jesus Christ. I just hit it 7x with a 20mm HE round from the LAV. It literally tanks more damage than a helicopter or even the gosh damn invincible SU god of all CAS. If it can be respawned it should go down easier, it’s an absolutely asinine it is as robust as it is and makes entirely no sense. They can barely deal with strong winds in real life, but 20mm? 50 cal? Cmon, it would shred the damn thing.