Score for dogfighting and defeating missiles

I would like to suggest a change in scoring in air battles.

As it stands, scoring in air battles (especially RB) is only achieved by getting hit, resulting in death, or destroying, damaging other players or objectives. I would like to suggest a scoring system for dogfighting and defeating missiles.

A score should be given if a player dodges shots from enemies pasding near the players aircraft or if a missile is targeting you and gets defeated by chaff/flares. This would make teamplay more integral to the game, playing a bait for your teammates or actually engaging an enemy and resulting in a kill by a friendly. It would also make 0 score games a thing of the past and not punish players that contribute to a fight but ends up not getting kills.

Rewards could be for:

  • Staying close to an enemy over a set amount of time (score)
  • Shots passing close by (in a radius around your aircraft) (score/sl)
  • Missiles targeting you getting defeated by manouvers, chaff or flares (sl and score).

Aren’t they actively removing more and more rewards during a time where RP is as atrocious as it is?
They did the same for tanks, removing proximity rewards, remove taking hits rewards and whatnot, just gutting it.



Here it is.

So basically getting ground rewards is ‘useless and harmful’ and removing your rewards is about ‘honesty’… that’s what really matters.

For air your rewards are ‘‘insignificant, paltry and outdated’’ whilst also being ‘‘unpredictably and illogical’’

So the answer to bad game design was to remove features rather than to improve them, but it’s okay because now only 5% get no reward and the rest can get the same paltry and useless level rewards that were deemed not worth keeping in the game.

The usual messing with rewards to a point where people don’t understand what is going on and we just have to blindly trust they’re telling the truth because surely they have our best interest in mind, surely.


I wouldn’t mind a score system for forcing enemies in a set range to crash into the ground as a part of “score for dogfighting” its incredibly annoying to outsmart an opponent/s and you gain the upper hand in a dog fight only for your enemy to fly into the ground as sort of an “ops I forgot the ground was there” moment. I would accept even half of a standard reward up to 3/4ths of it for making an enemy crash inside my range.

My suggestion would be give the kill to whoever is closest to the enemy at the time of crashing as there isn’t a definitive way to give the kill to a pilot who deals 0 damage to a aircraft. Range could be anywhere from 0-2km for Realistic battles.

Its up for debate though regarding defeating missiles give rewards since early heaters are easy to defeat and radar missiles suffer from severe multipathing issues right now. Maybe in the future Gaijin can find a community suggestion that fits the future jet combat that would allow missile rewards to actually exist.


From a holistic pov - your points are somehow comprehensible, but actually you want to get rewards for a basic skill set like dodging bullets / shells / missiles.

The proximity score for Air RB made sense:

  1. For props in very long lasting dogfights. Either because you usually get third partied if you are the chased guy (so your skill to last very long in close proximity to the first enemy got rewarded) - or a friendly “helped” you in defeating an enemy in a defensive position - basically a kill steal.

    Depending on the duration of those fights a mission score of a few hundred points was not unusual, especially very late game with just a few players alive.

  2. For props if you successfully baited an enemy with a superior plane & energy state lower than friendlies - allowing them to score fully intended 3rd party kills. Depending on the quality of those enemies your efforts always beared the risk of getting damaged or killed without getting anything besides the “i was stupid and got shot down” mission score of 135 points - which is imho a joke for itself.

  3. For props in those extremely painful night battles or battles with solid clouds from 2-8 km in those days without red square in order to locate rather skilled enemies.

    If you and you enemy were skilled enough all you had to do was to put your engine off to avoid the contrail / prop wash trail. So you could neither see nor hear (~3.5 km engine sound) each other. The few points of the proximity score could give you at least an indicator if an enemy was near.

From the pure nature of jet combat the time windows of very close proximity are rather small - and rewarding basics of ACM (dodging incoming fire / missiles) is imho misleading.

This makes actual sense - even forcing enemies to over speed (and rip wings etc.) and pancake is not rewarded.

For the proximity, I would not like it to be a constant ticking of score. More a reward for a set time near enemies (say 1 minute or 30 second being closer than 1 km in props, 1.5km im jets maybe)

The rewards for dodging missiles should not be s big one. But just a reward for utilizing your skills correctly.

It would help the stock grind and make combat more rewarding, even when fighting BVR ranges.

what i want is credit for when you get a manoeuvre kill from bleeding a foes energy so much that they crash

Maybe to avoid “”“abuse”“”", the dogfighting could be like…

The closest plane at time of death or severe damage that is NOT the killer should receive a dogfighting assist. if multiple planes are within treshold, the one damaged by the dying plane should be credited since likely they were the bait.

Only one plane is awarded to avoid potential worries about “inflation” due to the absurdity of modern RB being a furball.

This has flaws, as someone who wasn’t actually engaging but flew closer than the bait could steal the assist, but I’m not sure how expensive tracking near-misses would be.

We do need this. Dogfight score system as it has once been like before its gone can be also accepted
And if we are to have BVR engagements and fewer planes in a battle, which we are going to have and we’d better have for modern planes, kills will not be that often and we focus on our fox3s, which is the key of the fight and by dodging we are contributing, so we may have points for dodging radar msls. (Also it can be more clear that which plane the attacker is willing to fire upon) For fox2s it may be fired in a furball + we have dogfight points. Kinda hard to judge if its a dodge or not, maybe no points here?

My thought is that the last target the fox-2 had before crashing/blowing up will get the reward, unless it was a friendly.

I suggested this same thing recently and got very mixed results on responses

I think it comes from a fear of abuse of the mechanics. Although I want Gaijin to give the players the benefit of the doubt just once. I firmly believe teamplay and a different meta would be created with these mechanics in place.

I for one remember getting adequate RP for playing bait for the enemy team or when you were forced defensive all game, you were still rewarded with activity time.

That is true. And with how the game has evolved I want the rewards to reflect that. The most frustrating thing is flying an entire battle, defeating missiles and dogfighting but getting nothing to show due to other killing your opponent. Surviving a battle should be it’s own reward.