SB tank Team Killing should be turned OFF

The radio ID mechanic is COMPLETLY USELESS in SB tanks. Nobody uses it and people are just shooting everything they see moving. Today I got TK-ed 4 times in 2 battles one after another. 2 times while caping a point (one was a base CAP too), once in spawn and once while shooting an enemy. During my play session of 7 hours or more I was TK-ed about 10-12 times while doing nothing to look or act like an enemy.

This is getting out of hand, my games are being totaly ruined with this “experience”. This mechanic simply is ruining gameplay and should be removed from tank simulator outright. It adds nothing to the experience of enemies, teammates or the individual player. Turning of TK would make SB tanks a much better gamemode specially for new players and the premium players just jumping in with no prior preparation on who is fighting who in the battle.

Instead what should be put is a message to the player who is shooting friendlies, after hitting them (no damage - use the hit camera which we get while shooting a respawned enemy who is invulnerable) player should be warned not to shoot at friendlies and FORCED after the game to click through every single vehicle on a checklist confirming they have read EACH of the teams vehicles.

I see no other way to fix this issue other than forcing players to gain knowledge. After all SB should be a game mode for experienced players who have skill and NOT for new players and unskilled ones. At the end of it this is simple matter of skill issue 90% of the cases. Most really unintentional TKs happen due to a tank being partially or almost completely masked by foliage, trees, or at long range misidentified with low quality thermal sights. These are the only true unintentional TKs for tanks. This situation, there is no right or wrong, because the target is very hard or impossible to ID.

TK #1
TK #2


No, players should just learn to recognize their teammates and pay attention to map pings.


Russian mains

well there’s your problem

True, though sad to say a lot of people just… well… dont. It also punishes people who play rather rare event vehicles like the Ram 3.7.

I am okay with the TKing being in, I just wish that the “check for friendlies” thing was a bit more forced to be used? IDK. Or if you shot a friendly once, your crew actively shouts it at you so you dont keep firing on them. I remember once being shot by a Russian tank I think a dozen times (his aim was just that bad) in my Ram 3.7 because he “thought it was a german td”. Even when another T-34 rammed him to get him to stop and tried to get between us, he kept doing it.

As the person being hit, it can very much suck a lot.

that or just used the rangefinder to know if it’s a teammate… granted it takes sometime and should be faster, but it works (as long as players know it exists). T-4-1 is indeed not reliable because idiots never watches their minimap (german and russian players especially).

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I disagree. I think its funny watching the opposing team TK each other.


I agree, also it adds to the immersion at it helps maintain a certain skill requirement.


The problem is easy to explain.
There are too many nations in an tank battle. and then there are the many captured vehicles.

The nation lineup with NATO against the dictatorships of Russia and China in the top tier is basically correct. But there are too many nations with too many different vehicles all squeezed into one battle, which is very confusing.

it’s not always the players’ fault. here in this forum it’s always a kind of tradition to denounce other players. it’s the gaijin’s fault for not maintaining the sim air & ground!

so don’t whine but accept teamkiller’s apology and just get on with it or play something else.

and don’t denounce players, always direct criticism at gaijin!

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No. RB was simplified for you, now you want to destroy SB. Go play RB.


For me? I have been playing SB since 2015. And have seen it improve and fail all these years. It is just a bad sign of people in top tier SB not having patience and just shooting eveything white on thermals without thinking or checking anything.

They should be forced to learn. There should be a skill involved in it but as it stands it is not required.

Maybe someone should make an 100% accurate IFF for you in reality.
Can’t ignore that friendly fires occurs in every warfare, no matter when and where, it’s just should be considered in a rather realistic mode like SB.

^He is right

The thing about sim is that it should be representing the real thing as good as possoible in the realms of WT. This goes for Teamkills as well.

Of course tanks are in an abyssmal state when it comes to how they are “simulated”. But there are aircraft that are actually playing a sim, so you shouldn’t ruin the simulation aspect for them because people that play a shooter disguised as a sim, that cannot identify vehicles

To be honest SB ground was simplified to a ridiculous degree right from the start. So there is little left to be simplified even in SB.

Taking away teamkills and the need to identification would be the final nail in the coffin. I mean it is pretty much RB without markers with almost no difference in gameplay, all differences come from the mission setup (markers, spawn rules etc.)


You can hardly call it sim with mixed eras and mixed-up teams.
I was killed in GRB while playing as UK by an American tank with blue letters over it ,turns out the letter were for a vehicle miles behind it .

The game is getting silly. We need one nation vs one nation not this silly free for all. At least in Sim you should be able to recognize a Tiger from a Sherman or T34 or an M1 from a T90. Even if it was Sim. I would love to try sim but have no faith in War Thunders stupid BR and mixed matches.

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No punishment for TK had to be increase, and in proportion of your gain. Increase them to 5X the repair cost of the vehicule & 50% more if the tk is done by a premium player or a player vehicule for beeing fair.

Terrrible idea.

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loot vehicles removal. and no more Italian M-18s, Shermans and Pershings. no French Panthers. and no Chinese M-48s. etc.

also, the victims of a TK should be reimbursed.

but please no AB measures. Sim is Sim and TKs can happen. otherwise it wouldn’t be a Sim.

and the camouflage vegetables should remain.

Captured vehicles just shouldn’t be available in SB or they should be forced to bear visible insignia.

Lend lease vehicles should always fight on the proper side.

The German M41 is from the cold war and should therefore not be in the WWII matchmaker, the Italian M18 should not be usable on the axis side.

Taiwan tech should be available to play on the western side while mainland Chinese tech should be on the soviet side, same as Eastern German vehicles, which should go to the pact side and western German stuff to the Nato side.


High hopes. Dude they dont even fix bugs in sim, dont expect anything.

LOL what the SB stand for? as i remember it stand for Simulator Battle if you want something like that go to arcade but well SB is a dead game mode anyway Gaijin don’t even bother to improve it.