Sb ground rotation

Why does gaijinn neglect simulation battles so much, since that’s where most experienced players stay, I know people who only come in every 4 days to play top tier tank simulation and that’s shit, they would play longer If the simulation battles weren’t rotating, I really don’t understand why the simulation needs to be an event, but surely someone will come up with a very convincing answer as to why this nonsense, they could leave it permanent like they did a while ago, it would be very good, I really thought war thunder was getting better!


yes it’s nonsense. I don’t know why the Snail did that. only plausible answer: because the snail wants people to play RB?!

if all lineups of the rotation were parallel then the SB tank battles would be more successful.

here is a list with all lineups of the tank rotation:


Before there was a rotation SB had random battles just like RB. Well, I say ‘just like,’ but it’s hard to say, because you never got a game. Get home from work and load up WT, select vehicles and start queue for SB Ground…. Go make a drink when nothing starts right away… come back and watch the queue while having drink…. Wash up mug…. See 15 mins of queue time come around…. Go play RB for the rest of the night. After a week or 2 forget SB exists, until one day you find the daily rotation makes sim viable.

They tested it yet again something like 2 years ago with a poll. Most of the voices were positive about it to move from event style to BR style matchmaker. We still waiting for it to happen.
Trust me I would play Sim over RB any time of the day if I could actually play and spade my vehicles instead of waiting for a right rotation. No I dont want to. I want to spade every rank in every nation so the only option is RB.
Which sucks cause I hate perfect aim without parallax, buffed sights, peeking around corners without peaking them etc.

We didn’t see the same poll… It was negative because gaijin didn’t balance the SIM br.
Direct message that Gaijin just want to let Sim players on the roadside. They just don’t want to do something good & complete for SIM players.
So in this test we got KA 50 vs best sam was Roland…What a proof of unbalancing more the games with BR system . And it’s just an example. Same MASSIVE unbalancing every 0.7/1 BR.
Gaijin is already lazy to update balancing of SIM events . Rb players complain about BR 8 month on 12.
Sim gameplay as no link to RB gameplay. So RB BR cannot be the same as SIM BR.

And then if we got BR in sim gaiijin must work for particular BR of SIM. Exactly like they must work on balancing of SIM events…

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Not enough paying customers playing Simulator for Gaijin to give a damn about it.

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No. All that leads to is everyone playing top tier and their premium helicopters while it’s impossible to find a game for the early cold war and early WWII eras.

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in my opinion the tier rotation is perfect
you are thinking that everyone likes to play top tier, which i personally dislike, its like playing arcade + gta
what i would like is a better map rotation, because is really crappy to play the same 3 city small maps

The sim community hates sim, not the devs.

Suggest any QOL features and they come out of the woodwork to bash it. God forbid we get something like friendly tanks showing up on the mini map, or friendly chevrons when you aim at a friendly, better aircraft identification. etc.

But at the same time they are completely fine with arcadey features like post penetration camera, and instantly knowing what components you disabled on your shots. Tanks exploding into wrecks without setting it on fire/ammo rack. Which is even less realistic then the above suggestions.

90% of people who try sim probably just say fuck it when they start losing SL and embarrrasing themselves tking, the other 9% won’t touch anything but low tier sim because helicopters and CAS become overly opressive, and only one nation gets anything like the pantsir.


You’re right dude, the arcade mentality slowly will destroy this game unfortunelly