Saved Control Presets

Hi i have a question to ask. Im currently on xbox one im gonna upgrade to the next gen if i do that will i lose all my control setup and redo it all over again or is it gonna be the same as i left it on xbox one. Because i have saved multiple controls for different modes like air sim, air, grb etc… please let me know. Would appreciate it if a fellow console player confirms it who have either Uninstalled and downloaded or upgraded to next gen thank you

im not very sure about that but taking in count you are changing console its the same thing that we do a friend and I we get in each other accounts when we want to play each other’s main nations but in this case the controls from his account do not pass to my pc so it would say here its the same case all your controls will reset, and idk how xbox works but if you can save it try to save it in an external storage device and if you cant try to just take a pic of your controls to manually set em later

Is there a way to save it externally?

i would say an USB but idk if consoles can accept USB’s wich i doubt tbh but i remember that the XBOX can be connected to a external hardrive disk

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You can watch this nice little video on how to transfer stuff over to other consoles.

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Thank you for the video 👍 but in my case i would be selling my xbox one and then buying xbox series x. Plus sadly i don’t have a external hard drive either. Hence that’s why i was asking if it’s saved on cloud network just like my ingame progression

You can check in the backup settings menu if your saved files are tied to your cloud account and if not you can you sync your saves that way. You can still follow the video i provided on the menu navigation.

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Okay ill try do that

Hey just checking in to see if everything was okay with your issue.

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Thank you for checking appreciate that. Yes i did copy the cloud save from (manage game & ads) options from the video. I hope it works when i do get the new next gen console because i plan to sell the old gen.

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Okay update just for the future people who might have the same question as me. You don’t need to save the cloud or do anything else. All you need to do is just save your presets by going to

controls → RB (Save option) → LB (give preset a name) → X (Save) and its saved on Gaijin clouds network along with your in-game progress and etc.

I just logged into my new gen console and all my presets and every settings i made was there.


@LaPlus_Darknesss Can you do me a favor and change the Title of this post to something more appropriate like ( Saved Control Presets ) so its easier for the people in the future to find it.


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