SARH Missile Performance Issues

Have you tried widening the radar scope? I do find the default radar settings a bit off. I usually switch to the largest view I can get when I am scanning the whole field. I decrease it when I am closer in range.

yes i do that, and the game still doesn’t pick up planes. I’ve had people doing head ons at me under 6km and they don’t show up on radar.

this can be said for every BR though.

thats only if you have aim 9M missiles.

You’re wrong.

An MLD will still face F5Es at 10.3

An F-5C will still face Mig-21 SMTs at 9.3

The F15 will not face Mig-29s, Su-27s and F-16 (with 9Ms) at 11.3.

That makes more sense. Your wording made me think you were doing the common complaint of “I locked enemy but killed friendly!” as you probably have seen

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This made no sense and you should feel bad for typing it lmao

It’s called not stomping the 11.3-11.7s that it doesn’t deserve or belong fighting.


Supersonic aircraft with IRCCM IR missiles. It has the flight performance and missiles of a 12.7 aircraft. Lack of HMD is not enough of a penalty to justify it being 12.3. You’ve done a good job derailing this thread though. All non-Russian SARHs are rubbish at the moment, it’s a balancing feature not a bug.


SO? Flare the AIM 9Ms and turn, it isn’t hard

It is in something that cant turn, like a Tornado (especially the IDS with their nerfed CM count, though even the F3/ADVs are struggling at the mometn with the massive BOL nerf, the Tornados are always hot aircraft, so they are feeling the nerf more than most)

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SO??? its called a downtier for a reason. You are beating a dead horse gaijin doesn’t care about. The Yak 38 is at 9.3 fighting 8.3 Jets that have 0 COUNTERMEASURES with R60s, the SUs and F104s are super sonics that barely any plane can even hope to catch, and fighting planes that can’t even make it halfway across the map before they are turning back to base from bombing, or already shooting them. You using this as an excuse is literally dumb. Every plane over 11.3 has radar missiles that can target the F-15 just like it can target them.


how hot does the tornado get?

I cant give you an exact number. But quite hot. Even pre-BOL nerfs, it was sometimes not possible to flare off IRCCM missiles at all. Even had non-IRCCM missiles like Aim-9Ls and R-60s totally ignore flares and go straight for you. Throttling down is almost 100% required unlike many other aircraft.

the F15 gets to 1750+ degrees

How do you check in game and I’ll go find out for you

fly the plane in test flight :D

That is simply not true.

Completly beyond the point, the F15 is ALONE in 11.3 downtiers, there’s absolute ZERO competition other than itself at its level because similar vehicles are 12.7 and not 12.3.

The F15 is both faster and has the better armament than any other 12.3.


Tornado F3 & Gr1


So yes, the F-15 is a little hotter, it does have 240 CMs vs the Tornado F3s 32x LCMs and 320x BOL (which I think are about worth 4-8 regular CMs) and the Gr1s 56x LCM.

Also the F-15 has about 50+% better turn rate, and higher top speed and better acceleration. So can handle pulling hard turns. Not too mention better energy retention

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Yeah, thats the key thing. The F-15A might be the weakest 12.7 currently, but it is far from uncompetitve at that BR, just harder to use. But it is without a doubt the best 12.3 in game currently.

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