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Prior to 1938 South Africa had no experience in manufacturing armoured cars, but when Germany declared war in 1939, the South African army realised they had a severe shortage of armoured cars, which lead to an experimental programme to locally design and manufacture armoured cars. The first South African Recognisance Car (SARC) entered production in the early 1940, known as the SARC Mk1. The SARC Mk1 was based on a 3-ton truck 4x2 chassis from Ford Motor Company of Canada and made use of a Ford V8 engine and drive trains from Marmon-Herrington. The armoured hull and turret were developed and manufactured locally in South Africa. Not to long after the SARC Mk1 entered production, the SARC Mk2 was developed. The Mk2 had a shorter wheelbase and a full 4x4 drive train. The positioning of the un-ditching channel had also been moved and the design of the front overhanging mudguards being changed. Depending on the variant of the SARC Mk2, the turret could be fitted with .303 Vickers MG, Bren LMG or a.55 Boys AT. For this forum post we will focus on the SARC Mk2’s modified for an anti-air role, one of these examples being Mk2’s equipped with a quad .303 Bren machine gun mounting. In order to equip the quad mounting the Mk2’s turret would be removed, allowing for the new anti-air mounting to be fitted on to the turret ring.




Armament: four .303 Bren machine guns

Ammunition: AP, IT, T, Ball

Crew: 4 (driver, commander, gunner, loader)

Engine: Ford V8

Horsepower: 85hp

Transmission: Manual (4 forward, 1 reverse)

Drivetrain: 4x4

Top Speed: 80km/h



Primary sources:

Marmon Herrington (A History of South African Reconnaissance Car) written by William Marshall (page 29-34)

Surviving the Ride written by William Marshal and Helmoed Heitman Romer (page 13)

Secondary Sources:

War Wheels (Marmon-Herrington Armoured Reconnaissance Car Mark 2) Data sheet:

Tank Encyclopedia (Marmon-Herrington Mk.I/II): Marmon-Herrington Mk. II (1940)




I don’t think you understand what a primary source is. As none of the sources are primary sources.

Primary sources would be first hand written information, that is to say, i.e. documents from Marmon-Herrington or a user manual.


i am not sure how this turret works. i am not sure if it work at all.

  • the machine gun do not seem to be capable to reload
  • there is no clear aiming sight
  • there is no gunner (no way a gunner would shit under a shower of burning hot empty cartridges)
  • and there do not appear to be anything to trigger the guns.
  • bipod is installed on the guns

this is weird but it almost looks like a weapon’s rack to me

do you have more information about how this device works?

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