Sands of Sinai ruined and one side biased

Since the horrible maps changes Sands of Sinai was ruined and brutaly unbalanced. Meanwhile one team can advance with a perfect cover and take adventage in the hill and the rocks side the other team is forced to advance completely exposed because Gaijin genious block the flaking route and leave one side of the map with stronger positions. This changes need to be reverted to the old variant ASAP!!!


Sands being you’re supposed to be in the desert, not in the hills. xD

They should just remove all variants of this map.#
Utter shite.

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The team that uses the entire map usually wins. However, many do not dare to use the open area. Even if you support as a scout, often nobody is interested.
This map is a prime example where team play is key. And that’s why the map fails. You either need functioning SPAA players on the open area or planes that deal with CAP instead of bombing the shit out of the enemy. Then you need players who know when they can shoot at which player from a distance, etc.


Yeah of course and in his place just add another braindead flat urban map…

Sorry but no, the only problem is after the changes Gaijin destroy the map balance. The old version was much much better and balance just remove this new shit version and bring back the old one.

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You’re literally on the alleged biased side in the screenshot.
There are over 5 flanking routes I can see on the minimap, which is more than the 1 brawling non-flanking route that existed prior that prevented long range engagements on the map.

Sands of Sinai is better than it was, and CQC addicts can keep complaining all they want.

Just ban the map and play on Advance to the Rhine since you clearly prefer CQC.


are you trying to employ 2 drunk lamas dancing the conga is better at balancing maps than Gaijin?

If you do, i agree wholehearted

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Agree with the OP. Hacked about in haste to appease forum moaners with no skill.

One could hammer the units on the hill from behind rocks in the valley if a player could be bothered to ever go there. You also attack and defend A and take B from spawning into the open area. Far easier to moan and hope Gaijin will nerf it to death like everything else.

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Because i dont like a map that just so happens to be a long range? lol
I play Britain primarily smoothbrain, obv I dont prefer cqb and would rather have maps with more variety, i just simply hate that particular map, comprende?

AND fyi - i hate that map because every fucker sits at the same spot the whole game, like 5-6 people sharing the same sightline while enemy is taking caps, flanking etc.
They just sit in the same 5 metres competing for the same kills, then either get bombed or sniped 1 by 1, while the rest of the team lemmings in and dies.
Literally 6 guys spending the entire match just 20m or so away from where they spawned.

If you do anything other than the aforementioned - your on your own and there are lots of sightlines and guys scanning for you while you try to cap B or C or at least get a sightline other than the 2 employed by the other 14 players . . . . .
14 players and between them all they manage to achieve 2 sightlines or firing positions throughout the entirety of the map.
Its just fkin nuts.
But i am speaking about br’s at 8.3 and below.

I love this map no matter vechicle I’m playing and I hate the changes.

My favourite part of it is the left side were I usually drive.


Okay… so those people lose their team the match for not playing objectives, and instead playing one of the worst positions on the map.

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I just mean i hate the way other people play that map which ruins my enjoyment of it due to what i mentioned.

I also dont like that you can sit up in the rocks easily, its safe and is the best firing position, which is why everyone flocks to it, which makes the rest of the map obsolete.
Or at least before they bloacked off areas, but the same kind of issues still exist in terms of player distribution/positioning.

The best mindset I learned was one I obtained before War Thunder’s initial open release:
Experience what you want, and if that helps your team, great, if it doesn’t, also great; As long as YOU are enjoying yourself.

I prefer the spread out nature of current Sands of Sinai players. Whereas before the change ZERO people went A, and sometimes one person did. And at most 3 people went B.
The vast majority went the brawling route because they preferred CQC and an OP position that made flanking on Sands of Sinai impossible; They could also spawn camp from that position later on.

You either played the Eastern route or lost, so it was a CQC map that had an open desert.

The change made it a long range map where people spread themselves apart far more often.

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Yea I guess I kind of agree with that, I think I dislike it less since the changes.

a long time ago it stopped being a fun game, today it became just a crazy race with different nations playing with the same tanks and enemy nations, in the past you could enjoy battles in the skies of England, peaceful, it contained a historical context between axis and allies, no it was one running over the other to see who gets to point A first because the game will last 2 minutes, not to mention shitty maps funneled by a line where players are forced to go head to head with each other without needing to use the slightest bit of intelligence. , it became a game for children to shoot enemies without walking 3 m from respawn, there is no fun anymore

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You mean back when matches would last 2 minutes… lol
Today matches last at least 5 minutes, and you can’t shoot people from across spawns anymore.

I see people shooting from spawns… the games are crazy racing shit… and the fun in this game is over, out of about 10 friends who played this game, the only one left is me, on the forum you only see complaints… it’s a It’s a shame, but it seems like this game is at the end of its life, as it only pleases a minority

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The game pleases a majority, which is why War Thunder still retains its high player counts.
FAR higher than the past where it was a far worse game than it is today.
Even 5 years ago there was dated physics, 2 minute air matches, far worse ground balance, less rewards, and far more bugs than today.

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