Said it 10x before, spawns need protection from CAS! Devs Do something!

This has been discussed a Brazilian times before but nothing has ever been done. CAS attacking the spawn is a completely broken game mechanic. Nothing more annoying than spawning in after dying, moving 6 feet only to get aa plane fly past dropping 10+ bombs wasting multiple tanks.

Either make tanks completely invulnerable for 20 seconds after spawning, regardless of them shooting (also help discourage the rampant spawn attacks) or have some kind of short range AI SPAA defence.

I can remember in Battlefield 2, years and years ago players started attacking spawns in jet bombers as it was guaranteed easy kills, people complained it was a lame tactic, a few weeks later the devs implemented new code to stop it, it worked, problem fixed. Yet people have whined about it for years in WT and the devs don’t give a hoot…

Attached screenshot from my last game, a single Corsair flew past the spawn, dropped a load of bombs, wasted 5+ tanks and guaranteed a easy win for his team as it makes people rage quit.


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People need to vent, CAS are broken, nothing is getting done.

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Use existing CAs threads

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Fairly certain that this is already a thing. You only lose invulnerability earlier if you move.

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Damn cassers, taking tankers jobs!


It very much is a thing. Pretty sure it’s only 15 seconds or so though.

The main CAS thread has vanished…

it’s the Su-25SM3 problem, it caused all of this, imagine having 4 missiles +40km away no spaa can counter except two spaas thats it, crazy how the mods think it’s balanced while just two of them can wipe your whole team.

I’m just finding Rank V CAS too powerful, my SPAAs can’t even track the jet stuff.

I’m done with it, just playing Rank 2 arcade now, done with the grind.

Screeny of my last ever Rank 5 game, bombed 3 dam times but a Tornado I never saw or heard coming. I didn’t even fire a single shot:( lol…

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