Sad research point for ground RB

why RP for GRB is around 2500-4000 for non premium player?
why only ARB got RP economic change? why not ground too?
non premium player =

premium tank does not have premium account =

premium tanks have premium account =

BTW all the game in post I’m at 1st place.
do they going to fix something for ground RP?

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Because its a free to play game, and they want you to buy premium time.

Free-to-Play games aren’t actually designed to be played for free. You get a change to progress at the low tiers to try the game. After so much progression, you’re expected to pay.

These online games don’t pay for themselves. If you enjoy the game, don’t feel ashamed to contribute to its development. And don’t expect normal progression at later tiers as an F2Per.

It’s the same RP we got in 2014, only now there’s 10x the grind, it’s a joke.

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yeah old RP reward anyway 2019-2021 RP reward is around 6-7K for 1st place in board and have 7-8 kill for it but now it just suck

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i alr pay for the game and my premium account just ran out. and after I do only premium account will help your grind more RP not the tank even has VRCC As premium tank don’t do much more RP than normal tank anyway and that suck

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ex1. air don’t need premium account for, now they rework the RP reward for ARB don’t need premium account for 6K RP just kill 2 enemy plane and you got it in tank you going to get nuke for just 6-7K RP is that not call suck?

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even new match this day LOL even have reward for winning LOL

Even since 2019 there’s an extra 100 million RP added and zero improvement to your RP gain, it’s a joke.

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