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Sabra Main Battle Tank is an extensive modernization of M60A1/A3 developed by Israeli firm IMI between 2002-2005 and initially started as further development of Magach 7C. It offers new 120mm gun, improved armor protection (Steel Laminate for Mk I, ERA for Mk II & III), newer engine (for Mk II and Mk III), new FCS and improved turret traverse system. Three versions of this modernization have been developed as: Mk I, Mk II and Mk III, Mk II being adopted by Turkish Army as M60T and Mk III by Royal Moroccan Army (per Spanish wiki claims, though I doubt.)

Sabra incorporates new 120mm MG253 smoothbore gun as main armament, which is upgraded version of Merkava Mark III’s MG251, increasing effective range and lethality substantially over original M68 105mm cannon. The gun is capable of firing NATO standard 120mm ammunition and Israeli LAHAT gun-launched anti-tank guided missile.
Mark I has ability to mount machine gun in similar fashion with other Israeli tanks, Mark II has 12.7mm machine gun in M19 commanders cupola and Mark III mounts 7.62mm machine gun in remote controlled weapon station. Old hybrid turret traverse system of Magach is replaced with all electric system and fire control system is replaced with Elbit System’s Knight Fire Control System.

Sabra Mark II Iron Fist Test Bed

In 2011 Latrun Exhibition, single Sabra Mark II with upgraded systems was revealed. This Mark II is equipped with IMI’s Iron Fist APS, WAVE RCWS (which I believe to be WAVE-200), RPS-10 radar system and EO threat detection system. Information regarding this prototype is pretty much non-existent. It looks like this Sabra is more of a technology demonstrator for Iron Fist and RPS-10 radar as brochures of both systems includes this Sabra’s photographs.

Rest of the tank seems untouched, it still carries IMI’s 120mm MG253 gun as main armament secondary armament consists of 7.62mm/5.56 co-axial machine gun and 12.7mm machine gun on WAVE RCWS. As it is most likely based on early Israeli prototype, engine is probably 1000 hp MTU MT 881 KA-501 diesel engine coupled with Renk 304S transmission. Top speed is much likely won’t exceed 55 km/h of original Mark II and due to increased weight power to weight ratio is most likely lower than original 16.7 hp/t. Protection of the vehicle on the other hand, is greatly increased with introduction of Iron Fist APS, armor scheme looks like to be the same except removal of turret roof armor. Also there is no smoke grenade launchers, much like earlier prototype.

Integrated Systems

Iron Fist APS
Iron Fist is a hard-kill active protection system with high modular design. Iron Fist successfully tested against variety of anti-tank threats such as RPG and ATGM as well as kinetic and chemical tank rounds. Iron Fist provides 360° protection and has ability to detect, classify and destroy multiple threats effectively.

Main Features
• Hard-Kill and Soft-Kill Ability
• 360° Protection
• High Modularity
• Effective Protection Against Simultaneous Threats

Sections from Brochure


RPS-10 Radar
RPS-10 is a Pulse-Doppler Radar with ability to detect, track, classify incoming threats and provides data to related APS system. It is core part of APS system’s for its precision against incoming threats.

Main Features
• High Elevation Coverage
• High Reliability
• High Modularity

Brochure with More Information


WAVE is family of advanced, remotely operated, stabilised weapon platform. WAVE family could be fitted with variety of weapons; WAVE 100 has ability to mount 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine-guns , WAVE 200 could be fitted with 7.62mm, 12.7mm machine-guns or 30mm, 40mm Granada launchers, WAVE 300 is target to Warsaw Pact countries and has ability to mount 7.62mm PKT or 12.7mm NSVT machine-guns. Though, specific WAVE variant used on this demonstrator is not specified looks like to be WAVE 200.

Main Features
• Day and Night Imaging
• Automatic Target Tracking
• Dual-Axis Fully stabilization
• Laser Range Finder

Sections from Brochure


Side View of Integrated Systems

General Specifications


Sabra Mark II boasts MG253 120mm L/44 smoothbore gun as its main armament which offers superior firepower over original M68 105mm gun. MG253 is capable of firing all NATO standard 120mm ammunitions and Israeli LAHAT anti-tank guided missile. Total of 40 rounds stored in the tank for the main armament. Secondary armament consists of single co-axial 7.62mm machine-gun.


Sabra Mk.II in Turkish Service

Sabra Mk.II is powered by MTU MT 881 KA-501 1000 horsepower diesel engine coupled with Renk 304S transmission system.This new power pack increased power-to-weight ration of this 59 tons of beast to pretty decent 16.9 hp/t with a whopping top speed of 55 km/h.


Sabra Mark II has greatly enhanced protection over base model M60A1 with additional modular Hybrid Armor Package with Explosive Reactive and Non-Explosive Armor elements. Protection of frontal arc is increased with Explosive Reactive Armor elements. Sides of the hull received skirt armor and turret’s protection is increased with multi-layered hybrid armor. Additionally this test bed is fitted with Iron Fist active protection system which increases overall survivability of Sabra against chemical and kinetic threats.


  • Crew: 4
  • Dimensions and Weight
    • Mass: +59 Tons
    • Length: 6.95 m
    • Width: 3.63 m
    • Height: 3.27 m
  • Armament
    • Main Armament: IMI MG253 120mm L/55 Smoothbore Cannon
    • Secondary Armament:
      ∙ Co-Axial 7.62mm Machine-Gun
      ∙ WAVE Remotely Controlled Weapon Station Mounted 12.7mm Heavy Machine-Gun
    • Ammunition Capacity
      ∙ 42 Tank Rounds
      ∙ 10000 7.62mm Co-Axial Machine Gun
      ∙ ? 12.7mm Co-Axial Machine Gun
  • Mobility
    • Engine: MTU MT 881 KA-501 Diesel Engine, 1000 Horsepower
    • Transmission: RENK HSWL 354 Automatic Transmission, 4 Forward, 2 Reverse
    • Suspension: Torsion Bar
    • Maximum Speed: 55 km/h
    • Power to Weight: 16.9 hp/t
  • Protection
    • Armor:
      IMI Systems Hybrid Armor Package
      ∙ Reactive Armor
      ∙ Passive Armor
      ∙ Skirt Armor
    • Active/Passive Protection System: None
    • Smoke Grenades: 16x
  • Accessories
    • Night Sight
      ∙ Gunner
      ∙ Commander
    • Thermal Sight
      ∙ Gunner
      ∙ Commander
    • Laser Range Finder
    • Automatic Target Tracking
    • Hunter-Killer Capacity (Commander’s Override)

Implementation to War Thunder

This version of Sabra Mk.II is a great candidate for end-of-the-line vehicle for Israel’s Magach Line. In case of addition of Mk.III (somehow), it may be foldered with Sabra Mk.II. Gameplay wise it would perform similar to later Merkava’s thus will be great back-up for them. In BR placement, it might fit around 10.7 to 11.0 BR range. I believe both Mk.II should be represented separately so as to provide more top tier vehicles to ITT.

Additional Photos


Iron Fist APS Tests Against Variety of Projectiles


Iron Fist APS General Information and Firing Test


Future Weapons Iron Fist Episode




Latrun 2011 Conference – Photo Review - Defense Update:

Iron Fist Active Protection System (APS) - Defense Update:

Active Protection Solutions

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+1 The more Iron Fist one gets, the more better it gets :)

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+1 and pls don’t bother us with any sabras without iron fist gaijin

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This would be super fun. Just PLEASE put it in the TT Gaijin! +1

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Although I think this tank specifically has a wonderful kit and a place in war thunder, the massive lack of knowledge on the vehicle can pose a problem in gaijins eyes. From their view, there’s no way to know if the system on the testbed even functions properly, or if it’s just glued on lmao.

Either way, I think this gets a big +1 from me regardless, as it would fill a much needed gap around that Br range in the Israeli tech tree.

mhm, I need it.

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That is a Mk.III I believe, Mk.II is on the background though.

would be nice to bridge the gap between 9.7 and 11.0 ;P