Sabot rounds Vs. aircraft

wft is the point of Proxy/times shells if every SOB in the game can kill aircraft with sabot rounds?

I’d rather use Proxy/timed shells against aircraft vs sabot. Pretty much designed for it that’s why.

If the aircraft is flying predictable or poorly it’s not that hard to shoot down with what ever weapons/ammo you use. Sabot is probably what was loaded at the moment.

main gun from a tank with sabot at 4km away moving at an angle. its getting old. it happens all the time.

Because sabot rounds do naff all if you aren’t right smack dab on target. Which means that if you get shot by a tank using sabot rounds, you were either coming right at them, or if in a heli, you were flying very predictably.

The amount of heli’s I’ve shot down because they just throw on hover mode and play their little missile games is silly, the amount of heli’s I’ve shot down because they think flying right at me whilst spamming rockets, high.

And yes, it satisfies me to no end to blow a heliboi out of the sky with a sabot round from 3km away. The salt is usually tasty AF.

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When you say moving at an angle, do you mean “in hover mode and sideslipping” or actually, you know, flying at an angle at a consistent speed and altitude? In the first case: not a problem blapping you out of the sky because I can see how fast you’re moving and lead accordingly. In the second case, well, it’ll take a bit longer but if you are effectively moving in a straight line (angle or not), chances are I’m still going to blap you.

Not saying it’s easy but if you make it easy…

i never use hover mode. what got this rant going was me being 200 yards off the heli pad and a sep knocked me down. i was just above the trees moving perpendicular to the ground battle. it wouldnt be a big deal if it happened once in a while. but almost every game someone get blapped by a main gun sabot.

so whats the point of proxy ammo?

Proxy ammo goes boom when it gets near and shrapnels you to death - so if you have it, it’s a way more guaranteed kill than shooting sabot at a helo. Especially if we’re talking Ka-5x because you can shoot the tail off those and they’ll still be just as lethal.

Kind of like, why shoot someone with a sniper rifle when you can just throw a handgrenade at them - they’ll both kill, just that the former takes practice (and some luck), and the latter can be done by any bipedal organism with 2 braincells to spare.

Proxy ammo is a lot easier to smack helicopters down with. If you are somehow getting hit by darts, I’m afraid it’s actually either a gigantic skill issue on your end, or a gigantic skill triumph on the Abrams’ end. It is notoriously hard to hit an evasively flying helicopter, even using proxy ammo. Not only that, even if you do hit a helicopter with APFSDS, chances are it will just black the fuselage out and move on. He has to aim at specific parts like turbines, pilot, or traction of control surfaces, which adds yet another skill floor to this. It could certainly be luck, seeing as how much of a bullseye it needs to be.

Or someone is using an aimbot hack…

I could claim skill but all my helo kills (with sabot) have either been a case of the heli driver sitting in one spot hovering (or one absolute 5head who thought hovering 50 meters in the air about 300 meters from spawn, in the open, so he could farm some spawn kills), or just blind stupid luck. Mainly luck.

Yeah I’ve had that accusation thrown at me once or twice after shooting a heli that was just sitting there being a mighty juicy target that I thought “well, I might as well shoot at it, worst case I miss, best case it goes kaboom”. It’s often heli driver skill issues.

Then again with that 40k ban wave, wouldn’t surprise me if some aimbots also tag heli’s as good targets.

Very true!

Yeah, it’s mostly luck on my end, or braindead heli players trying to make a beeline to our spawn with unguided rockets.

Remember chat, if you don’t have a Mi-24 or Ka-52, you are not him. You will never be him. You will never endure that many players shooting at you.

Yeah, I love 8.7 in the Strv 103 C and just bodying helis, and airplanes sometimes with APFSDS, the main thing for APFSDS is its velocity and impact force on any minor structural bits, it’s just blows everything to sheds, it’s like chunking a cheese grader at someone’s head at Mach Jesus. Other than that, the 155mm HE-VT on the Bkan 1C is a beast it just clips wings.

Hilarious, complaining about actual skill while flying a plane in gf.
No one is reliably hitting those shots. If you are dying like that, stop flying straight for long periods of time, because thats the ONLY way you are getting shot from >1km like that. Or hell, try playing ground… in ground forces.

nah lots of people use aim guides mate they just banned 50 000 players last week most where actually not bots but using ESP and aim guides…alot of them where butt hurt anti cas tankers

More people try to use ‘hackers’ to complain about actual skill than there are actual hackers. Even with aim guides, hitting a maneuvering plane is hard.

If I really wanted to be an anti-CAS tanker I’d spawn nothing but SPAA. You seem to be the butthurt CAS type that gets bodied by sabot rounds on the regular…

You mean like this?

A wise man once said, skill diff

dont act like im the only one who thinks its BS that a dart round rips a tail off. it dont happen in real life. no reason for it to happen here. dont act like its not happening in 90% of thew game. most games i play it happens. its a push the button, whack-a-mole reflexes game. skill has nothing to do with it.

Really, and you know this how exactly? Seen many tails get hit with a sabot at 1800m/sec?

Trust me when I say that even a Ka50 would have structural issues when a sabot goes through it’s tail. Physics don’t lie.