SAAF JAS-39C Technical Data and Discussion

Find me one person who said the Tornado wasn’t going to be dead on arrival.

The Typhoon likely will be too - but not because it’s bad in real life.

Ignorance isn’t a valid excuse.

The Tornado (all versions), Harrier GR.7, and Challenger 2 (to name just a few examples) have all had massive amounts of reports made against them. So the British community aren’t slacking when it comes to reports.

I do agree that the French discord is very well organised though.


I mean to be entirely fair I thought it would be because i spent half of the Apex Predators runup thinking “oh they’ll add the F.3 with Stage 2G radar!” and “they’ll model the high speed capability of the Tornado most accurately!”

Boy was I wrong. In probably the one of the first 10 matches I got outrun. By a MiG-29. While running empty. I still haven’t spaded the GR.1.


Without sounding too traitorous, where might I find the french discord? I do actually want to listen in, I know next to precisely bugger all about French aircraft yet want to fly the damn things

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Forwarded hundreds of them myself.


Common Gunjob W
Love the work you do for us all :)


The British community has several forum posts with thousands of replies and bug reports, so many that we got a challenger 2 rework, a poorly done rework but its more than the leclerc got.

Even with people like @Gunjob reporting hundreds of bugs we still have very inaccurate vehicles and equipment, for example the BOL pod nerf, which was poorly sourced yet was passed anyways and still has not been fix despite Gunjobs extensive report on it.

The British community has multiple discords, some entirely focused on finding sources and bug reporting vehicles. There is even a discord entirely dedicated to the south african sub tree.

What you posted just shows your ignorance.


I’d say the main issue I’ve seen with the British (and especially US reports) is that they are not done in an organized way. People are just posting documents here and there in the main forum threads and many reports (DU in the M1 hulls cough cough) are just poorly done and mods have no choice but to reject them. I’ve seen it with a few British reports (although most of the chally 2s report are now mostly fine). That’s the strength with having an organized discord where you can easily compartimalize discussions

Edit : I won’t say anything else in this thread because it’s way of course and I don’t want to add to the clutter

Juat to add ive seen more british players report changes for the gripens then any of the swedish lol but not like theres much to report on the A.


I think that is partially because if it is already reported on the British version they are going to mark any report on the same issue for the Swedish one as a duplicate (unless it has to do with loadout and version specific things).

also, is there a way to look at all the reports made compiled for each version?

About ~15 open issues right now. All of them impact all Gripens bar one or two specific to 39C


Is the 39C center pylon bomb reported? I forgot if it was done or not.

Yes, I did that one during the dev server.

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is there a way for us players to filter the issues page by vehicle?
(if not there really should be, it would make it WAY easier to not get as many duplicates)
(to add to that, filtering by type of bug would also help, like “sound” , “graphics”, etc)

Not that I know, I’m at the mercy of how good the search is internally as much as players are with the CBR.

Couple more searches yield around 20ish reports, found a few more looking for just the 39C.

i just looked and there is a dropdown menu for type of bug, but you can’t add several filters at once.

i personally think it would make a huge difference to be able to filter the site by vehicle as well as other categories at the same time (i.e: several filters working at the same time to get very specific results).
that might also help you tech mods in the long run because then players who report bugs also have to choose what vehicle it is about (or if it is a general bug).

Yeah just look for bug reports for the C there is like 1 report for rhe A lmao. I think the wrong bomb information was denied for the A but i dont remember the specifcs for it.

The bug report website certainly is one of the most annoying websites to use I think i have ever encountered. It could really do with an overhaul

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Probably a silly question, but what is Gaijin going to do with the SAAF Gripen C variant when the promised Swedish Gripen C comes next update with presumably Fox-3 missiles (perhaps a big assumption but why else the delay in delivering it) . Will the SAAF version get a new missile, a whole new variant or something else? Would be a bit weird to have 2 C variants that are different.

Based on the dev server Fox-3 test it will come with the SA native(ish) missile the R-Darter. No need for a new vehicle in that instance.

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