SAAF JAS-39C Technical Data and Discussion

Im not saying anything about their monetizing schemes. Im simply saying gaijins words doesnt really mean much. They always twist their words in the end and pretend theyve always said what theyre currently sayint





Nice!, Good job

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Its been linked to my internal report which I made some 2 months ago haha.


Fingers crossed for March update. I can see a lot of these things being bundled together

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It is some version of BOL?



And is there any information about MAWS on Gripen?

It is the BOL739/2;


Okay, thank you for information

Btw, it is only for Jas-39E? Or A/C also can use them?

internal MAWS is 39E/F only


So, only BOH/ESTL for C/D, okay

Am i missing something from that, or does gripen do not have right and upwards mawsu?

they’re on the top side;


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Gripen NG.


But on serial E’s I cant find this MAWSU



Maybe improved design

i don’t think there are any pictures of the serial gripen as there is only one at the moment.
but we have this video of the first serial E version:


where those sensors are present.

Clarification, Swedish serial E, and most of the sensors on NG, not all.
the Brasilian E has been in service for about 2 years, but are also customized for Brazil, they don’t have exactly the same parts.

Got it, thanks for the clarification

i’m a bit sad to see this thread die so i’m going to bump it a bit with some information i don’t think i’ve seen here.
i was looking at ammunition for Swedish vehicles just to see if there were any discrepancies when i stumbled upon this:


So the JAS39 seems to have 4 choices of internal BOP IR-flare sizes

  • 55mm at 0.66kg (660grams) and either one or two colors (visual colors or IR-wavelengths? unclear)
  • 1x1 inch at 0.11kg (110grams) and either one or two colors (visual colors or IR-wavelengths? unclear)

i’m unsure if the ones where the markings are “TP” instead of “JAS” can be used on JAS or not.
The 55mm seams to be multi flare packages as they are labeled “three bodies” (so 0.22kg each meaning 1x2 inch flares?).

Then only one choice for the external BOL IR-flares

  • IR-package 30grams

Then the chaff is divided into three packages for both internal (1x1 inch) BOP and external (perhaps 15kg/320 = 45grams?) BOL

  • Broadband
  • IJ band
  • X Band

further down in the document it shows the flares for helicopters and logistic planes.


So the next major update is on its way, but I have yet to see discussion or even mention of a JAS-39C variant being added for Sweden anytime soon.

All despite a comment made by Smin in december stating “We’d like to say that we’ll be adding the JAS39C for Sweden in the first major update of 2024.”. With another JAS-39C being added in the game in the Hungarian Sub-tree, I cannot be the only one thinking that Sweden deserves it’s JAS-39C too.

Also I do hope the JAS-39Cs we have in game do get their correct cockpits soon, as they really just seem like slightly improved A variants as of right now.

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