SAAF JAS-39C Technical Data and Discussion

Thanks very much, I’ll just hit ground targets until I get the Skyflash’s/9M’s

How does it do as a gun fighter?

I used just guns until I got the skyflash’s on my FGR and then used those vs Mig-29’s, F-16/14/15 etc.

it turns well but turn fighting at that br is suicide. you also only have like 7 rounds of ammo so you either hit or you run out.
i’d say skip the skyflashes as well, they’re just as worthelss as the 9Ls

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Thanks very much, and last question. Do you take max fuel and the droptank or just max fuel?

i take 20 mins + tank which gives ~5 mins more than max internal fuel iirc


Perfect, thanks very much. I have a Controllerbind to drop the fuel tank anyway but from test flights it doesn’t seem as thirsty as stuff like a Mig-29.

Nice, it’s incredibly good. Do you fly in sim at all?

Unfortunately not, much too hard on my controller being completely unable to freelook and maneuvre really put me off.

well it has half as many engines and its not crap like the RD-33 but instead is from the Hornet which is just known for low fuel consumption(at the cost of power)

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Ah, stock grinding in sim is significantly nicer than RB.
By the way, I’m on PS5 and have a fantastic controls loadout for the controller, no trouble at all freelooking and maneuvreing at the same time, I can send you the controls if you want

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If you’ve got them to hand then yeah that would be great. If you have RB one’s too I wouldn’t mind seeing those too.

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Congratulations. Grinding a vehicles is far more rewarding than having it immediately upon purchase. You will appreciate it much more. Enjoy. It’s an amazing aircraft.

Praying we get Darter missiles.

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Mostly likely AMRAAMS or nothing until IRIS-T comes

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Yeah… a SA Fighter must have its indigenous missiles. Hope soon.

Im hoping for more SA planes as for ground they have nothing left really

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That is true, I’ll admit it was exceptionally rewarding but very very painful in ranks 6 and 7 to find something good. I have a higher k/d in my stock Gripen than in my spaded Hunters.

Still definitely worth it.

And yeah I do hope to get the R-Darters at theyre and indigenous option that wouldn’t be as OP as the Marlin’s.

Whenever Israel gets Python 4 the Gripen could get the R-Darter.

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Are you really getting mad at development for adding vehicles to the game that “we asked for” ? very strange…

do we have any indications as to whether the JAS39A and JAS39C will have different radars when they get their own?
i’m pretty sure the JAS39A was put into service with the PS-05/A mk2 and both the JAS39C and A got upgraded to the mk3 in 2005 and then mk4 in 2015 (just before it got the meteor missile in 2016).

(then JAS39E got the completely new Raven ES-05, but the JAS39E is not in game yet).

Side note: do we have any idea on when the correct radars are planned?

properly when they add the Swedish C would be my guess

It depends. I can see 2 options.

  1. they want to keep Sweden Gripen A and British Gripen C on par. And thus they will give the A the Mk3 radar but not give the C ARH.

  2. they want to keep British Gripen C on par with Sweden’s Gripen C and leave the Swedish Gripen A a little lower. Meaning Britain Gripen C would get ARH and the Gripen A might be kept a little lower and thus the MK2 radar

And yeah, I’m guessing proper radars in March