Saab JA-37A Viggen

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Premium Pack BR 11.0 Saab JA-37A

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  • Reward 945% (SL)
  • Reward 1,012% (RP)

  • Title “Ace Fighter Pilot”
  • 3,000 Golden Eagles
  • 30 days of Premium Account

  • RB 74 x6

  • RB 74 x6, Flares/Cheff x640

  • RB 71 x4

  • RB 71 x4, Flares/Chaff x640

  • AGB-64D x2

  • BLU-27/B x6

isn’t this the early version of the Viggen C? why is it going to be 12.0+the JA37DI exist btw, it’s a copy paste JA37D but nato suitable and a rank 8, i have never heard of this version can you explain it?

I think this would be a cool aircraft to add, if it was a worse Ja 37C, then as @_MoYo said, the Ja37Dl would be a better option as a copy paste premium. I would rather have the Ja 37A with the current weapon systems of the Ja37C at a lower BR, if it has worse flight performance than the Ja 37C.

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Make actual posts man


The JA37A has no flares or chaff so would be useless. Gaijin originally added the JA27A, but changed it to the JA37C because it would be DOA without countermeasures.


I still wouldn’t like for the viggen to be dropped as premium for everyone.