SAAB-105G & Viggen Missing Armament

The SAAB should be outfitted with the following:

  1. SAAB 305A, B, & C.
  2. AGM-65 Maverick.
  3. AGM-12 Bullpup.

The SAAB 305 missiles also had limited, but could be used both A2A and A2G.

Here is a SAAB 35-10 being programmed with a SAAB 305:


Here you go, equipped with an AGM-12 Bullpup:

Here is another source. Please note the AGM-65 is designated as the RB75 in Sweden. Saab Sk 90 O, Austrian Air Force, Linz 2010 by Sport16ing on DeviantArt

And another source: Full text of "Saab Aircraf"

You need sources to back this up

There you go. Including photos with them equipped.

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Now lets just hope gaijin likes the idea ig

Needs to be in suggestions or they wont’ even bother assessing it - IIRC there’s a section for correcting loadouts?

Do you know where?

Suggestions - see the list of forums on the left of the front page

Armament are a balancing decision, for the br of the planes they might be to strong, multiple german bombers as example are missing their 2.5t bombs as well

No, this would be a historical report. You can make a suggestion for a weapon that isn’t in the game yet, but if the weapon is already in the game and is missing from the plane, that falls under the historical report system.

So then where should I put this error?

Also the AH-1 could be outfitted with AGM-65 Mavericks. As they were used in combat in Iraq.

On the community report site → // Issues