SAAB-105 is in an unreasonable place. it need higher tier

So for what he’s said there, I think there are better, lower risk alternatives. The RB-24’s are Aim-9B equivalent, so, so long as you are watching while you are running you can make a slight turn to avoid them without bleeding too much speed, if you go into a straight vertical and lose all your speed in an attempt to get him to lose all his too so you can hammerhead down onto him when he stalls, what can happen is that he will get a lock with his 9b’s and you are too slow to turn to avoid it. In a 1v1 gunfight doing vertical loops will bleed the speed of the 105, much in the same way you can use them to beat IL-2’s and 10’s, so is an effective way to beat them, but like you’ve said is an issue, you are putting yourself on a platter for a 3rd party. Disciplined energy fighting where you focus on keeping your own energy is generally better than all in’ing and trading it for one kill/gun solution. Hope that clarifies, let us know how you are going on.

Lol yeah it does now. :)

I’m actually doing much better now. I’ve been keeping my speed up and have found it a lot easier to play the F-86’s. Granted I did end up switching from the F-35 to the F-2, but I still feel like I’m doing better stock with the F-2 than spaded with the F-35. I still occasionally forget to keep speed up and go into vertical maneuvers but that’s generally towards the last half of the match and It’s normally a 2v2 or something.

I do have just a question though.

When you say stay on the deck and reach high speeds then zoom climb, how fast would you recommend and what degree of climb? Right now I generally wait until 700Km/h then go into a 20 degree and it is generally enough to give me 3500m.

they mostly like russia…

an accurate representation, yes

Wanna give that one a double check?
The lead dev said in one interview that he oh so loves Sweden and with how unrealistic some recent weaponry additions have been I’m willing to put at least some trust into that statement.
Regardless, I think OP meant that mostly for ground battles.
If the Alpha Jet A/E can be 9.0 because of their CCIP and goodish flight performance then so can the 105G/öe. It even has missiles over the two. ( Keep in mind it’s also lower than the A-4B which is missing it’s flares and only gets 3 weapon pylons with little flexibility)
For air it can be annoying to deal with so idk maybe 8.7 could warrant a better time for the planes uptiered into it or if they just remove it’s airspawn ( since it’s an attacker, kinda lame that some worse planes than it get an AF spawn, looking at you F-84F)

Good to hear, that speed is good, I personally use knots for speed so i guess 700kph is about 380kt, so maybe a little faster say 800-850kph, but what you can do is climb at a much steeper angle, say 35-40 degrees, and if you try that you should get a bit more altitude. At this BR you arent really climbing to get above everyone like you are in props, you are climbing so that you have some energy stored in the form of altitude so that you A. have an escape option if you are jumped, and B. will naturally be in a better energy state than all the other people who just kept to the deck, so you will be able to boom and zoom them more effectively. As a note about the different sabres, I think it really is a detriment to have the M3 brownings at this BR, I hate them personally, but something like an Aden or Defa will always be a more reliable, faster killing gun, that is not that hard to aim. Heres hoping we get one of the canadian or australian sabres that have the Adens in the future

Okay, I’ll try that.

Yeah, and even by the time I end up joining the giant furball it’s already lower than me so the ALT defiantly helps

Yeah, the only downside to the cannons on the US saber is the low ammo count. I’m REALLY hoping that they add the H sabers soon. I’d love having cannons and missiles.

HECK YEAH! I’d grind those out so fast.

Lmao, seems you’ve never played them if you think that the Alpha’s also they are 8.7 in ARB. The alphas are at that BR because they actually have some pretty good handling, they don’t compress they turn very well and while they don’t have the greatest weapons they make up for it in flight performance. Though the acceleration and top speed leaves a lot to be desired. The gun changes between the two are also weird cause the 27mm imo is better for ground but the 30mm for air. Regardless they are better fighters. The weaponry changes happened to other nations so dont try thinking its some big conspiracy lol, that just cuts down your credibility in your argument. The reason the 105 sits at 8.3 is because its a mid aircraft. It does okay for ground but its not the most versatile multi role. Normally when i see players complain about them its because they’ve never played them and or don’t take the time to engage them and try to learn how to counter them.

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I mean sure, I can take that opinion too.
Yes the alphas I’ve played a decent bit, the A that is, the german one I’m going to soon ( and they worked very, very well for me anyway.)
Tho I can agree, you’re right for the air part about the 105, the one thing saving them really is the airspawn.
In ground tho I believe my point still stands, the equipment of the 105s at 8.3 is probably just the best for any plane at that BR and can be a tad bit of a menace there ( i meant with the help of ccip which almost none, if any, planes at that br get).

The problem with the argument of 8.3 is who is actually plsying the 105 at 8.3 and not 8.7? The lineup for 8.3 just doesnt exist. I could care less if gaijin moved it up. The problem is its a sub par chassis for dealing with other aircraft. Honestly the only reason it sits so low was because its the 7.0 SK60 but with new engines and more weapons. So same trashy aircraft but carried by the ngine buff and the armament. Let me tell you if a su 11 pops up youve gotta be careful, one wrong turn and your dead fighting him. In my alpha i have no problems. Also the gunpod cuts your turn time and speed down dramatically.

the alpha jet is well balanced, I see no issues with 9.0

agreed, very strong vehicle which is undertiered. just an swedish sigma jet at α lower br, 8.7 and rank 6 would be good

My 105’s have none of the traits you mention - how do I get one of those ones??

Naaah that’s extremely anti-Warthunder terminology, but yeah screw the Saab-105 that thing’s undertired af.


ngl I think that SAAB-105 players just don’t know what they’re doing. I use the AV-8C at 11.3 alot and fair very well against getting shot down without using countermeasures. Although I don’t think SAAB gets RWR.

Saab doesnt get rwr, also its not av8 fast, i get your comparison but its not really equal.