SA server needs maintenance

I have observed that when starting a game on the SA server there is a huge delay in the start of the match.
This phenomenon has been observed in AirBattle (RB), but it is most likely to be encountered in GroundBattle (RB). In a normal match, the Vehicle Selection screen appears after a 20-second waiting period, but on the SA server, the player is forced to wait for a long time from the viewpoint above the map, and the match starts with only a few seconds remaining in the waiting period.

This phenomenon seems to be greatly affected by ping, and while we Asians who are close to the SA server (located in Tokyo) are able to join the game relatively early, the waiting time seems to increase significantly for those who connect from Europe and the US, where ping is high.
This makes a big difference in the initial response, such as moving to the cap or sniper spot, and there are many users who wilt from this and return to the hangar.

I think that the SA server needs to be maintained for a fair match environment.

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Can confirm that it is not just those in the EU experiencing it. I am living in Japan and I also have matches on the SA server where it takes a while for most players to spawn in. Mostly ground battles.

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Yes, I also live in Japan and am still affected by the delay in the start of the games. I asked my friend in Europe to check, and he joined later than me, which gave me the impression that it would be slower in more distant areas.