SA server location

So where are the SA servers at right now?
I’m under the impression they are mostly in Asia although the game now states them to be South America
So they changed the location or do these both exist currently?

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Yeah, there is something really strange going on, I saw it changed names, so decided to try(I live in Brazil) and I was getting roughly 280 ping…so right now I think someone messed up the name.

Iirc SA server used to be located in Japan.

I presume that this part of text change is written by AI, bcs there is a “NA” means North America, so AI judges the “SA” must be South America and South Asia is not in option.

South Asia of course, people really believe there will be a south america server lol

PS : AFAIK in auto select server, game chose the closer one

Yes, as you say, SA is South Asia. However, the current SA server is located in Japan, so it would be more accurate to say East Asia.
Gaijin staff announced on the Old Forum that they have changed servers from Singapore to Japan.

I have filed a bug report on this, but “TrickZZter” does not acknowledge this and closes the topic as not a bug.
I further submitted two sources that the SA server was located in Japan. I also suggested that if the Singapore server is still running, why not call it “Asia”? But he only said “Not a bug”.

If Gaijin staff sees this topic, please reconsider the name of the SA.And please stop the bug report moderator’s outburst of closing reports without checking the source.