Russian Turret Armor

My T64B + T72 got killed quite some times by ridiculous ammo types through the turret. Not sure if its bad luck, a bug or a feature…

gameplay footage on youtube:
youtube link

I can’t effectively reproduce it in the hangar… someone got opinions on that?

You simply experienced overpressure mechanic in your tanks actually.


From official WT wiki:
For HE, overpressure damage is calculated when a shell fragment from an explosion hits something inside of the vehicle, proving that explosion got inside of it. This leads to high-yield explosives nearly always taking out a vehicle in a single hit, due to the shockwave being able to move around frontal armour and to hit the entirety of the crew that way.

Ok - but that being caused by a laughable 30mm AA HE shell at literally the top of a 45 ton tank? Eh…
And how can the IS2 HE shell overpressure my… ERA armor? Serious questions

@sartt yes, according to sikrit dokumints