Russian top tier tanks have too much survivability

today I think the most ridiculous thing ever seen on WT happened, I hit a T-80 from less than 100mt on the ammunition hold, from the left side and it didn’t explode in the slightest, I received the blow destroying a munizine inside it, killing the driver, while gunner and turret suffered no damage. in reality that tank should have exploded to pieces, but magically the Russian tanks survive even this. I’m tired of seeing this completely nonsensical, blatant preferences from the upper management. It makes no sense for these things to happen. Russian tanks still don’t suffer in places where they should simply explode.


What shell were you using?

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I dont know man. I just aim lower, center mass on Russian mbts and watch them do the funny turret pop. In my experience, Russian and Russian style mbts are the easiest to one shot compared to the more spacious NATO mbts.

the APDFS and used an M1A1

NATO tanks explode much more easily than Russian ones, the statistics speak for themselves, top tier Russian tanks resist much more, especially for these spells that they manage to create with bullets that do not explode the hold, while if you go to the ballistic test instead it explodes 10 times out of 10


Which APFSDS and which m1a1?

No they don’t.
Ariete, Leclerc, etc ammo has the same cook rate as T-80.

Only Abrams & Chally have higher cook rates.

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The only one I can confirm as having wonky exploding rates is the Ariete but seeing those things is rare.

Hit a Leclerc/Leopard in the hull stowage it will explode unlike the T-80s, I’d wager anyone else who plays PvE Assault 8.7+ will have a similar experience

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My current hypothesis is amount of shrapnel that hits a singular round increases the rate linearly.
Which would explain why I have a 100% ammo det rate against Soviet tanks while others do not.
I cannot speak for everyone obviously, but I’ve been intentionally aiming for ammo since T-80U was released. So my tight cone of shrapnel hits their ammo really well.
And if I miss… whoops.

I’ve hit ammo clean and it hasn’t detonated, the carousel not spalling and blocking post-pen damage only makes the problem worse especially with the T-80s since the crew have their own armoured compartment (protected by ammunition no less, there’s reasons complaints are limited to T-64/80s and not the T-90/72, they have the same issue occasionally but the autoloader design makes the crew less protected, a complete perversion of reality as trite as it is to say). I made a supercut a while ago but nothing has really changed.

If you really want I can upload much more recent footage playing the Type 10 not so long ago, shooting T-80s clean in the ammo with nothing happening twice in the same game.

On the other hand: this isn’t Russia exclusive.

The Leopard 2 protected stowage is also borked with shots piercing the armoured doors+striking ammo often does not kill the tank, same with the Type 10 (I’ve often taken hits through the front, all the ammo disappears but no blowout/fire or loss of vehicle) and to some extent the Abrams (it’s less common in the Abrams with the rear turret bustle as it is with the Leopard 2, maybe the datamine posted somewhere else can explain this).

It’s just way worse and more noticeable with USSR MBTs since the autoloader blocks spalling like I said earlier. Shooting a Leopard 2 in the back of the turret; even if the ammo doesn’t blow there’s a very high chance the shell will knock out crew and disable the gun breech at least.


Well yeah, it’s a 15% chance per fragment applied allegedly linearly based on how many fragments for all but Abrams & Challenger.

the thing is obscene to say the least, because I keep seeing things that live only in the world of fantasy, the T-80BVM and even worse T80UM2 (although fortunately less of these are seen around than the latter), you shoot them where they have no armour, and these manage to easily resist shots, or even ricochet them, while one of their bullets opens my M1A1 like butter every time. this is clearly an advantage given to the Russian means, there is little to keep making excuses


its been a like this for a while now and people know this, they hate to lose so that why everyone is flocking to USSR atm is because its a easy win, when the house rules are on your side. But i remember a time a few years back when the T-64/T-80’s use to explode when you looked at them and no one wanted to play them.


The more I play against Russia, especially at high\top tier the more Bias bullshit I deal with and the more my utter contempt grows for Gaijin and the players that main Russia.

I’m out of filters or tolerance for such swinery. Simple as.


There must be two different war thunders. I aim lower, center mass on russian mbts and watch their turret join the space program. The only times i remember their ammo not popping is when i aim too low or left/right and barely miss their ammo.

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I’ve had Abrams tracks eat my shots from Leclerc. Must be American bias. ;)

Leclerc is known to have big problems. The Abrams works quite well as protection, but it has some large and glaring weak points, while some areas completely absorb projectiles, such as the composite turret plates if taken from the front, but it suffers terribly in the frontal plate of the hull, which always kills the pilot and sets the tank on fire